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Member Rating: 9.44 Abigaile Johnson - Date Added: Monday, 04/02/2012
Stop what you're doing and listen. Listen really closely. You hear that sound? That's the sound of Abigaile Johnson's heart beating a million beats per minute as she's walking the mean streets of Los Angeles. Abigaile is looking for the Watt's Towers and Hooks, Jason Brown and Shane Diesel are about to give her an official welcome to the jungle. The three black loiterers take Abigaile back tho their place and , as the brothers say, it's "on like Donkey Kong." Abigaile soon forgets her initial request of these black guys, and gets on her knees and swallows as much big black cock as her gullet can contain. Abigaile Johnson doesn't stop with JUST a blow job for each of these black thugs. No. Abigaile's rise to super whoredom comes when, like a soul train, each black guy takes turns plowing her pussy with their massive black tree trunks. Abigaile Johnson left the Czech Republic as an innocent girl , but now she's getting turned out...Blacks On Blondes style. Abigaile gets bent over and her screams are muffled by whichever black cock that's not making her white pussy overflowing with black sausage. There wasn't anything that could stop Abigaile Johnson from getting creampied with blazz. However, the black jizz from Shane and Jason had to swim upstream since Abigail got on her knees, and took a splash of ghetto gravy from Hooks.

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Member julie**** Said:
a good double anal with this big cock that is would be good

Member mrbig**** Said:
bring her back...in a DP scene

Member tman3**** Said:
Don't want to sound like a broken record, but an anal scene with her and one or more of the big dudes (Jack,Shane,Mandingo,Byron...) would be choice.

Member K8dj3**** Said:
another scene please!!

Member elhan**** Said:
THX!!!!!! Please more! Please some ANAL!!!!

Member evize**** Said:
one of the hottest girls in this site, we need more scenes of her

Member myles**** Said:
Goshhh she's creamy.

Member bwcho**** Said:
breed this little slut well. she made for black baby breeding. wud luv to give her my load.

Member mannn**** Said:
Every girl NEEDS anal.

Member etter**** Said:
Agreat looking super-duper girl !!but the sex..hmmm,ok...Rem me of JULIE SILVER(?)my favor.Where are Julie Silver anyway???Give a year here if she returned !!

Member neo72**** Said:
Abigaile Johnson is FUCKING HOT, PERFECT BODY, CUTE SMILE!!! She needs to do InteracialBlowbang nextly ^^

Member eugen**** Said:
I would love to see each of these girls - each and everyone - go anal, ending with a covered face and some more black meat in their open mouths. This should be S.O.P. for Dogfart...

Member gimpg**** Said:
Gorgeous fucking pussy and a beautiful smile. Otherwise a pretty vanilla fuck w/o much action. You are there for the big cock so fuck all of it, not just a few inches...

Member aloha**** Said:
Abigaile should not be allowed to become a US citizen until she does the Men's Club circuit and fucks all the patrons

Member zinge**** Said:
OMG this chick is fine!!!!!!!!!!!

Member james**** Said:
that is one of the hottest scenes I've ever seen. Fine work. These are your best works; innocent little white girls defiled by huge filthy black meat.

Member upand**** Said:
She needs to take Shane's length.

Member volks**** Said:
@willi some of us are actually looking at the girl

Member willi**** Said:
guess its getting harder to find hot slut to take big dicks. 9.5 rating, really?? i dont see whats so special about this chick. and shane is as old as fucking dirt. new dicks. hotter chicks. nuff said

Member cuckf**** Said:
This whore has got a PERFECT ass that was made to be penetrated by BBC. PLEASE bring her back for some hard anal treatment...

Member royda**** Said:
Shane should be shot...he's a fucking ugly beast and he's NOT BLACK!!!!

Member jockb**** Said:
Get Shane back with her and let him fuck her mercilessly til that tight hole opens up. Bitch needs to learn what it means to be a black cock whore, and only a nigga like Shane can do that. I want to see him treat her like a black cock slut, maybe give her a black baby.

Member swagg**** Said:
Shanes dick is too big for her. She can't feel the other two guys, and he's SOFT. aha. Enormous!

Member swagg**** Said:
funny someone mentioned it. The old dude (shane) is bigger than the other two when he's soft and they're hard. Notice how she takes their cocks with ease, and can't even take shanes. I think shane is soft for a reason, not because he can't get hard, he's just too big, no one can handle him.

Member juno6**** Said:
Abigaile is truly beautiful, a great smile, a tiny waist and an increible ass. I hope Abigaile makes some more interracial films!

Member dodoi**** Said:
She's amazing. please Dogfart, keep her in sight!

Member gawnd**** Said:
LOVE LOVE LOVE this slut ... great facial

Member Psych**** Said:
Ummm...dalec****, she just turned 22 in November. How old are you?

Member fjomp**** Said:
Get this old dude outta here. Here cant even get a hard on.

Member Darfo**** Said:
this girl is a great slut

Member Snake**** Said:
Abigaile is so beautiful!

Member jeffe**** Said:
why no oral creampies?

Member dalec**** Said:
Why dont you call her scene REAL OLD bitches who should retire on Blacks, why not bring back johnny keys from Behind the green door to be with her old ass.

Member Okime**** Said:
No Anal ! No rating ! i am sorry but those scene with no anal are boring

Member ISLAN**** Said:

Member rodfo**** Said:
It just doesn't get any better than this!!! 2 creampies and a facial and a Beautiful young Lady.........WOW!

Member eemar**** Said:
I've never seen such a small, young looking girl take so much cock like this. If i had a daughter this is what I'd want to see. What a fucking teenage whore!

Member bwcho**** Said:
pretty white girl being fucked good by black cocks. this is what the site is about!!

Member POPEY**** Said:
Very Cute bring her back in watching my dauaghter go black with shane diesel only and this time make sure he fucks her HARD, I WANT HER SCREAMING THE HOUSE DOWN,

Member Cream**** Said:
Great scene!! Love the creampies

Member fanch**** Said:
Thanks for the creampie, and the beautiful towers!

Member white**** Said:
howdy pardner! great girl, great cumshots ... she's so small, you could tell she had trouble the whole way

Member vipgu**** Said:
Cute, innocent looking girl who's little pussy get stretched by BBC. Like to see her do more though.

Member rodfo**** Said:
WOW! Great! someone finally figure out WE like to see the PUSSY in progress.....Diesel did..........and two creampie's and one in her mouth. Very sexy girl Best YET!

Member aloha**** Said:
I am not normally into the euro chicks, but Abigaile is hot. I only wish Shane would have widenend that butt hole and Welcomed her to America. This girl needs to go on tour in the US and let us whos her some US hospitality

Member thenu**** Said:
OH my god. This might be one of my favorite scenes. Her sounds. She is actually enjoying all those cocks. Good girl.

Member zzq23**** Said:
Abigaile Johnson is SENSATIONAL!!! She needs to be on Interracial Blowbang EVERYDAY!!!!!!

Member beerb**** Said:
Hell Yeah! A little hottie, this is what I want to see. She's so sweet and slutty-get her for more.

Member sophi**** Said:
She's a hot piece of shit, I like her.

Member k9may**** Said:
Hot Chic too bad she was with the dick rubbing fags.

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