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Member Rating: 9.34 Allie James - Date Added: Monday, 11/28/2011
The holiday season is upon us and we're thankful for white girls like Allie James. Allis is a self-professed "black cock slut." Talk is cheap so we brought in Jack Napier to see if she was full of shit. No. Allie James is a size queen and attacked Jack's massive black cock as if gold shot out of it. Allie got worked up when Jack felt her up and made her feel like a princess, unlike her previous white lovers. Allie Jamees dropped to her knees and massaged Jack's black python until her salivating mouth had to have his big, black cock inside it. Allie's pink panties stuck to her pussy from the sheer wetness of sucking Jack Napier's colossal black cock. Those panties had to come off so Jack could have unrestricted access to that beautiful pink pussy. Although Allie James is only 18, she can ride a big black cock like any given interracial veteran. Allie's pussy opens up for Jack's black kielbasa until his balls are massaging her clit. With Jack's black cock pointing to the north pole, Allie lowers herself onto his gigantic black cock and rides that bucking bronco until her pussy nearly falls right off. Allie hasn't had nearly enough of that black cock and Jack slams her from behind as her pussy's death grip on his cock slowly loosens up. It hasn't been long since Allie was in sex-ed class in school, however, nothing can stop her from getting a creamy dose of Jack's sauce blasted right inside her pussy. We doubt her father will let her keep a black baby. Then again, her family won't know until the nurse in the delivery room gives them the news.

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Member jVFhn**** Said:
squeezing it out will not help keep you from getting pregnant, stupid cunt. maybe you you need some of those Fluke pills that cunt was talking about at the DNC. taxpayers are paying for everything else, right? not that you are smart enough to use them.

Member MrDF1**** Said:
Thank you Allie and DF for bringing me this scene. Surely one of my favourites on the DF network

Member mstrp**** Said:
LangD is so right, bring Allie back for a serious GangBang DP session!Not a big fan of creampies, I prefer a good facial where she looks straight at the camera, but why not both?

Member LangD**** Said:
She takes it in the ass now. You should bring her back for a gangbang containing DP and creampies. Would easily be best scene ever.

Member bigio**** Said:
can somebody advise this guy.please remove ur hands from ur dick when cumming in a pussy. ur blocking the whole puts me off.

Member jVFhn**** Said:

Member maput**** Said:
She is real wonderful! I just signed this site looking for her clips! The best, without words!

Member voltr**** Said:
I would've given this a 10 but for the fact that I could've wanted this gorgeous gal for meself, yeah, for sure !!! Keep up the good work !!

Member k9may**** Said:
Enough of the limp Dick Joke already!

Member Micko**** Said:
10 Points!!! This is how it should be!!! 1 On 1 and a Pretty Girl And Jack Napier Or ManDingo!!!

Member Autob**** Said:
This Girl with High Heels

Member ironm**** Said:
Def agree ... tell her to stay Natural and No Tats - also enjoyed the make-out scene - looked so natural.

Member fanch**** Said:
Fucking love Allie's long pale white legs and butt...Her tits are perfect...Jack's cock is fantastic, and I absolutely love how he basically forces his cum into her pussy...That's what a white hoe needs!

Member denni**** Said:
I'm especially into how they make out in the beginning and she looks SO into him, she's ready to give him her whole world. I absolutely LOVED this scene!

Member drago**** Said:
A fresh and pretty girl, a nice scene but nothing especially hot. I'm puzzled that it's the current top-ranker

Member desro**** Said:
Although totally different, she reminds me of Sasha Grey in that she's starting out really young and 100% perfect. Whoever at BOB that talks to her needs to tell her to stay natural -- don't let her ruin herself like Teagan Presley did.

Member jeffe**** Said:
Why never any oral creampie? That would be next level shit

Member dalec**** Said:
Please get Allie with Dingo B.O.B. don't miss this one. The farm girls misses riding her horse and gets to ride Dingo instead (Awesome right) Thanks.

Member SealK**** Said:
By the way, she has a wonderful smile and please tell me that little heart-key is the one that locked her pathetic whitey boyfriend's tiny wee-wee!

Member SealK**** Said:
I give a 9! Very good scene : great looking girl, typical caucasian-american blonde! Jack is now one of the greatest blacksonblondes performer (unlike Shane!) and pimps the white girls the way it has to be. Great cumming inside, by the way, her scene in WatchinMyMomGoBlack rocks as well, I can't wait for her interracialblowbang scene! But don't forget the cuckold session!

Member Julie**** Said:
NO NASTY TATTOOS !!! Clean and Fresh ! Thank You !!! 10 !

Member dalec**** Said:
Please don't blow the chance to get her with Mandingo Hot Hot Scene waiting to happen.

Member crash**** Said:
Can't blame the guy for shooting his load in her I mean totally smoking woman ...and shes loving every second of it

Member pawgd**** Said:
bring back Heather Summers(Serina).

Member tsime**** Said:
she's perfect for the first ever threesome in DaughterGoBlack and a GloryHole swallow

Member beerb**** Said:
She's a doll! Get her for more scenes, fast!!!

Member fucco**** Said:
11/30 06:03am - dummy**** Says: I hope you guys at BoB are realizing that creampie's are the new money-shot.

Member hvitp**** Said:
When she said: "It's soo much better than white dick" I came all over the place:)

Member dummy**** Said:
I hope you guys at BoB are realizing that creampie's are the new money-shot.

Member pawgd**** Said:
Bring back Serina(Heather Summers).Interracial pickups!please,please,please!

Member desro**** Said:
Didn't last too long on that one. Too good! Just 18 years old? She has a long career ahead of her. (BTW, loved the kissing and the natural BJ).

Member bbwg2**** Said:
chillz n her woulda been a hot pair...creampies only please. like that you finally have some blondes in this bitch.

Member kingu**** Said:
Please pair her up with the Dingo and Shane Diesel AND REALY FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF HER!!!

Member trasi**** Said:
i prefer with multiple guys...i hope Holly Michaels!!!

Member uva19**** Said:
Awesome, sexy blonde. The best scene ever!!!

Member dalec**** Said:
Awesome, but don't let her get away without a scene with Dingo please.

Member pilmi**** Said:
Pretty ho. Would've been better if it was anal gangbang.

Member fucco**** Said:
More creampies. Perfect scene!

Member k9may**** Said:
What the Fuck? Hot chick and you pair her up with Joke the limp dick and completly fuck up by ending it with a creampie.

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