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You asked for more white sluts to be put through the wringer via Mandingo and we're doing it. We're throwing another blonde in the legendary swordsman's direction and her pussy is now certified as a habitat for black cock only. We begin the romance with Anikka Albrite and Mandingo going at it. The escalation in the matter comes when Anikka gets a face-to-cock experience that immediately makes her weak in the knees. Anikka Albrite attempts to suck down all of Mandingo but it's a task that's akin to deep throating the Sears Tower. Anikka gets an "A for effort" as she slobs the black knob of Mandingo right before her pussy is bulldozed by his massive black cock. Anikka Albrite gets her white pussy worked over just like so many other white bitches before her. Mandingo takes his time easing inside Anikka since tearing her pussy would mean that she'd be unable to come back for seconds. The white girl continues to take that huge black cock between her thighs until Mandingo hoses her down with his testicular tartar sauce. If you listen closely you'll be able to hear white guys all over the world crying over the fact that Anikka is no longer on the market for them. It doesn't matter, though. Mandingo stretched her to the point where Anikka can squat over the above mentioned Sears Tower.

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NULL Member tman3**** Said:
A cute slut getting the Mandingo treatment is always choice. Nice going fellas. Now bring her back for a Jack,Mandingo,Lex,Byron, etc. anal train. I know I harp on this a lot, but I really like that type of scene.

NULL Member ironm**** Said:
another classic - WTF - you got 2 in a row right ? getting scary BOB might become #1 yet! good work!

NULL Member easyg**** Said:
imma tell it...i l love the way annikas ass spreads when shes getting fucked. she has one of the best asses on the site. i watched both here scenes again today.

NULL Member white**** Said:
Omg look how big this black kings cock is!! all white girls must take bbc and worship like they were meant to

NULL Member lopno**** Said:
Annika , Mandingo and anal = the best scene ever

NULL Member troyr**** Said:
Bring her back and gangbang her!

NULL Member tafac**** Said:
more videos annika albrite anal

NULL Member billy**** Said:
Annika is fantastic!! But I gotta say slave****, speak for yourself . . . not all of us white boys have little dicks.

NULL Member Micko**** Said:
I Agree with Icran**** ManDingo and In my case also Jack Napier ! Is the reason why I am a member here!

NULL Member lcran**** Said:
This ! is the only reason I wanted membership MANDINGO !

NULL Member whore**** Said:
Hot teen, round ass, tan lines, hairy pussy paired with Mandingo. A ginger teen would be the ultimate.

NULL Member whore**** Said:
One of the best asses in the business. Pair Mandingo with more young hot asses please.

NULL Member slave**** Said:
There is nothing better than a cute blonde on a big black cock. I love watching while I stroke my tiny white dick. I'm thankful for these black men that satisfy our women in ways we can't.

NULL Member iquag**** Said:
Micko is correct! This is what I call "Blacks" ON "Blondes". Young, hot and blonde!!! Emphasis on young and hot!!!

NULL Member Micko**** Said:
THIS IS WHAT I CALL BLACKS ON BLONDES!!!=) 11 Points!!! Thanks Dog Fart!!! You Rock!!!

NULL Member subhu**** Said:
no anal? make these cracka hos work fo thay money

NULL Member bwcho**** Said:
wonderful cock teasing blonde. wish my wife could suck cock like her.

NULL Member sergi**** Said:
She's so hot!!!

NULL Member hvitp**** Said:
One of the hottest woman in the biz today. Love her sexy talk. More of that plzz.

NULL Member donpe**** Said:
not crazy 'bout this gal, no tits to speak of

NULL Member fasta**** Said:
That was a hot scene. perfect match for such slut.

NULL Member morig**** Said:
it hasn't been the Sears Tower for a couple of years. Its the Willis Tower like as in "what you talkin bout Willis?" she is very attractive but just plain generic sex. No anal or creampies just fucking and a little wad blown on her. Rated it a 6

NULL Member beerb**** Said:
Take it, Bitch.

NULL Member iquag**** Said:

NULL Member siobh**** Said:
Beautiful girl. I'd luv to see more of Annika. Devo

NULL Member sergi**** Said:
Love high heels!!! Sandals are even betters!!! Show more of the feet PLEASE!!

NULL Member gawnd**** Said:
love her voice.... always prefer facial endings tho

NULL Member turdw**** Said:
She has a phat ass!

NULL Member pisto**** Said:
more creampies!

NULL Member mannn**** Said:
great spoken words

NULL Member jVFhn**** Said:
Just another 2 on this site!. She also has fat cheeks. Her butt is smaller than her face.

NULL Member jVFhn**** Said:
Your pussy might be pink, but I SERIOUSLY doubt that it is little. It is probably stretched out like a flat bicycle tire inner tube.

NULL Member jVFhn**** Said:
just another Obama fucker.

NULL Member jVFhn**** Said:
Hey, Annika, of course you are here for black cock.

NULL Member jayde**** Said:
Why have I never seen Mandingo ass fucking these whores?

NULL Member letek**** Said:
Can you tell these girls not to look at the camera? Thanks

NULL Member gtv14**** Said:
I am stunned - stunned - two great actors and you blew it - WTF - bad script, bad photography and NO ACTION - WTF? blows me away !

NULL Member flurg**** Said:
awesome; all that was missing was having her barefoot while reverse cowgirl! her pussy really got s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d!

NULL Member rioma**** Said:
her best inter so far! finally she talks dirty. makes it even better!

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