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Member Rating: 9.35 Avril Sun - Date Added: Monday, 07/23/2012
Avril Sun's experience with American culture has been limited to Hollywood cinema. We've changed that by having Avril take on the legendary Mandingo, just so we could see her tiny body accommodate as much of that big black cock as humanly possible. There's something to be said about a whore-with limited english skills- that's now face-to-face with a black cock that's 1/4 her body size. Nevertheless, Avril Sun took as much of Mandingo's monstrous black cock in her mouth without passing out from lack of oxygen to the brain. Mandingo had enough of fucking her face and turned his attention to a pussy that's now in need of major reconstruction. Avril laid back and enjoyed the ride on the Interracial roller coaster courtesy of Mandingo's third leg. Avril nearly got ripped in two as Mandingo plowed his massive black cock in her fuck hole. Had Mandingo missed the pussy and slid in her ass then this would now be her obituary. Luckily for Avril, her pussy was the only receiver of black cock until her mouth got a warm helping of thug sauce.

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Member dougl**** Said:
theywereboth great idlike 2 lern hom to b obediant like herthank u

Member black**** Said:
Wow great invasion of this little white pussy. Import more of those. The brothas need to try out more of those girls! But the needed to have his cum inside her pussy dam!

Member WilyC**** Said:
This was a hot scene! Mandingo brought and Avril took it. They should do another scene, maybe in bed this time, for more room to operate....... ;-)

Member tman3**** Said:
Just gotta luv it when Mandingo does a thin little babe. Now let us have a scene with her ass getting reamed by a fat bbc. TYVM.

Member roost**** Said:
best ever mandingo scene beautiful little girl

Member blaze**** Said:
Fuckin' sexy looking girl! She reminds me of Rebecca Linares

Member etter**** Said:

Member micko**** Said:
Perfect Match!!! More ManDingo and petite Girls! Thanks! But you really should include Missionary! There is always Hot to see Mandingo penetrate girls and see the look in their face at the same time, priceless!:)

Member jimi2**** Said:
I think you mean WE'VE changed that.

Member carlo**** Said:
should have thrown it in her pooper

Member bluew**** Said:
Great looking, responsive lady and nicely filmed. Solid stud. Nice to watch her rub one out at the end. More of this lady please.

Member beerb**** Said:
She looks cute with a dick in her mouth. Good scene!!!Put her with 4 or 5 guys.

Member myles**** Said:
I love this girl, inch by inch

Member AriaH**** Said:
A true black cock slut would be offering up her ass to this almighty dick. Disappointing :-(

Member rose5**** Said:

Member PRWfo**** Said:
Damn did her pussy ever tame his cock? Geeze she took it like a champ.

Member alpho**** Said:
that ending was awsome

Member bbrio**** Said:
wow...I'll be watching this one for a while...lol

Member flock**** Said:
what a beautiful, beautiful cock. i wish it stretched more assholes

Member mannn**** Said:
ass ass ass. dp cocks just as big

Member jVFhn**** Said:
She took all that and still had to masturbate? That does not say much for "the big black cock," does it? If women still have to masturbate after taking nigga dick, then what is so special about them?

Member black**** Said:
Enough with these foreign bitches.

Member gawnd**** Said:
her lips look great on that cock

Member Golfe**** Said:
Cannot vote this scene high enough......

Member schle**** Said:
Needs in a dick in her booty.

Member mrfis**** Said:
Cmon, no anal?

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