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Britney Young's on a mission and it's to find the world's largest black cock. Britney needs to look no further than Mandingo and Blacks On Blondes. Britney could have her pick of any ethnicity....just look at her! Britney's huge tits and smooth ass are all she needs to reel in the biggest appendages available. We just knew that Mandingo would be just what this white whore ordered, so a meeting between the two was set up. Britney Young begins with some heavy duty flirting which leads to some hardcore interracial fucking. Britney brings out Mandingo's mighty black cock and plays with it before stuffing as much of it down her throat as her esophagus will allow. The first three inches of his black cock manage to get into her mouth which easily leaves another ten inches or so without any housing. Britney Young's fingers find her way to her pussy and she gets creamier and creamier by the minute. No lube was needed as Mandingo slowly, but surely, slid his black oak tree deep inside her throbbing wet snatch. Britney sucks her pussy juice right off Mandingo's big black cock before riding him until her ass bounces off his pelvis. Mandingo attacks that white pussy as if honey comes out of it. Britney Young's perky tits nearly snap her neck back as Mandingo shows no mercy on that white pussy. Britney Young's quest for the biggest black cock comes to a dramatic end when Mandingo drains his nutmeg all over this busty beauty.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member MrDF1**** Said:
bring Britney back for IBB scene

Member tman3**** Said:
A chubby for Mandingo. Britney is just a bit too flabby for my taste, but any scene with Mandingo is pretty damn good.

Member Micko**** Said:
Great scene!!! To bad you left out the missionary!! Always looks good when ManDingo go missionary!:)

Member tmasl**** Said:
when are you going to have a blonde. seems like 90% of this is brunette

Member flori**** Said:
White Trash Bitch. GET AIDS! LOL

Member lobob**** Said:
Please make a scene with MEGAN PIPER

Member 88cap**** Said:
Nice face for eight to ten (or more) eye shots on InterracialBlowbang.

Member royda**** Said:
built****, if you're on this site you're probably not exactly "normal", anyway...nothing wrong with that, though...

Member royda**** Said:
Chubby???!! There's NOTHING wrong with this chick, I haven't made it past the blow job scene, either!!

Member built**** Said:
these comment fields make me shield myself from society.

Member buddy**** Said:
what a bunch of white trash ho's

Member gawnd**** Said:
so i am gonna ask again.. are skinny girs getting too expensive so we turn to chubby ones?

Member Teeny**** Said:
More Mandingo!

Member SealK**** Said:
Love it when blonde caucasian get black fucked! Hey people, go watch "Promotheus" : fucking awesome movie in which the blonde aryan Charlize Theron chase nigga's dick and find it! Unfortunately, we don't see the action :-(( But still, Charlize is a true cuckoldress in that movie, she fucked a black man, she burned out a white man (!!!) and disrespect her white daddy! Too bad he was sleeping white his lovely blonde daughter was humping BBC! One black man in the spaceship, the only man the aryan woman desire!!!

Member diese**** Said:
I was wondering the same thing tomba

Member dasha**** Said:
MMmm.... my slit is shaved smooth for taking big black cocks too. I fuck myself to this good with my black dildo wishing I was her. Britney you're a good dirty black cock slut now and I wish I was you. I hope you fuck lots more big black cocks for everyone to see.

Member tomba**** Said:
What happened to the missionary part of the scene?

Member hvitp**** Said:
Fuck you, seaso! That's what makes the Dogfart network unique. Go watch Westcoast or JJ titles if u want that boring "vanilla" ir. Great scene!

Member hotdo**** Said:
Lazy fuck!

Member bornf**** Said:
Interesting to compare this to lex's great scene last week. Mandingo has an amazing cock but seems pretty bored with using it.

Member stars**** Said:
Please more Mandingo secenes...!!!

Member zzrio**** Said:
wow..finally another Dingo scene with a Hot chick. NiCE

Member camde**** Said:
This cumming on girls faces is crazy. Lets have more creampies, its a little more real. Camden

Member seaso**** Said:
This site would be so much better without all of the fake ass shit talking and fake orgasms and squeling. Just let the cameras roll and fuck. Cut all the bullshit

Member moose**** Said:
What a waste of a scene for Dingo.

Member dalec**** Said:
This girl didn't really want dingo's cock at all what a joke. Give us Allie James and she will take Dingo Balls Deep.

Member ddn4q**** Said:
wish you all wouldve brought the black chick that did the last scene with her for this scene.

Member flori**** Said:
FUCK YES! Beautiful.

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