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Byron and Arianna are hoping to finally get their dreams fulfilled, taking their assortment of prized chickens, and starting an official cock farm! They need to impress their credit worthiness on Bank rep Brooklyn Jade, who is coming to assess their collateral for the loan. As seems to be the case so many times of late, they are turned down for the loan. Brooklyn isn't persuaded by their lack of capital, or their sincerity. Arianna reacts to this just like you would expect a black chick once again getting snubbed by some uppity white bitch! She grabs her before she can get out the door, pushes her to her knees, and makes her open that mouth wide for Byron's giant black cock! After she has him up to full measure, Arianna decides she'd like some of that smart assed mouth slobbering on her private parts, and shoves her black tuna taco in Brooklyn's face and demands that she chows down on her black filet of poontang! Brooklyn is freaking out, but is pretty scared of this ominous black woman, so she does her best to get Arianna off with her mouth. That's not good enough for the black vixen though, she wants to show this white bank manager that she's not better than them. She shocks the now bewildered Brooklyn by wheeling around and shoving her full black ass in her face, spreads her cheeks wide, and orders that snooty white bitch to lick her black asshole! Brooklyn protests, but finally realizes she's not getting out of there without tasting black anus, so she does her best to deliver a tongue colonoscopy. While she's snaking out this black chick's sphyncter with her tongue, Byron comes in from behind and slides that black monster into her tight white coochie, and she realizes this ordeal is just beginning! Byron continues to fuck her in every way he can think of, and just when she starts to relax and enjoy his probings, Arianna is back in her face with that black keister insisting that she provide another round of anal tongue insertions to let her know her true worth! We'll let you find out yourself how this ends, but suffice it to say, Brooklyn never thought she'd be spending her day like this!

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Member ohmes**** Said:
love this , bring on more scenes like it !!!

Member flaji**** Said:
Absolutely awesome. Brooklyn plays the part great. Love watching her lick that black asshole. More! More!

Member wesse**** Said:
WHAT IS THIS?!!!! A fat negro-girl whit NOTHING AT ALL to offer! Bad sex the other ones too....

Member RJJOH**** Said:
Where is the strap-on?

Member DarkM**** Said:
Too bad their site and network isn't searchable for more scenes like this. A Black m/f couple using a white female

Member noppe**** Said:
Abird sung anal..???(!!) Where? not from the pics though....

Member kenne**** Said:
aryana is so thick and hot. prefer to see her taking white cock.

Member rajap**** Said:
Please more w/b girls taking BBC together. It's HOT.

Member rajap**** Said:
Yes more black & white girls together fighting over black dick.....!

Member mohaw**** Said:
please more scenes with white bitches being dominated by black woman and men!!!!!

Member rrblu**** Said:
Another white bitch converted.

Member black**** Said:
hot have her eat the cream pie from the black bitches ass more atm

Member tkbt1**** Said:
Great scene. PLEASE many more. Luv when a domenant Black chick orders her nipples, pussy and ass licked while ordering her black man to bang the crap out of the white chick.

Member kenne**** Said:
black girls should be with white dudes.

Member joeyg**** Said:
This is a great scene. Maybe BOB can get Janet Mason in a scene like this with like 5 black guys and one black women and they can use her and have some guys cum in the black womans pussy so Janet can eat the cum out of it. Damn this scene is hot. Brooklyn Jade is nasty.

Member bdlmn**** Said:
I loved this scene, this site needs more ladies of color on. Maybe they could show the white girls how to take a bbc

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