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Rico's friends have turned his pad into a landfill; there are cups and garbage all over the place. Rico's buddies right the wrong by sending over a maid and she has other things on her mind than actually doing her job. Chastity Lynn begins by slowly cleaning up only to find some condoms. most maids would run for the hills at the sight of condoms but Chastity Lynn gets turned on by the thought of Rico's big black cock doing damage. Despite being an hourly worker, Chasity Lynn risks losing her job when she succumbs to Rico's advances. Chastity Lynn drops to the ground in order to get to eye-level with Rico's big, black cock. Chastity gives up the duster in exchange for Rico's black cock in her mouth. The blowjob she dishes out has Rico's eyes rolling around in his head which nealry causes him to-pardon the pun-black out. Chastity soon gets to experience the thrill of having that black cock slide in between her vaginal lips until her cervix gets tickled. Rico's balls slam against her clit while she completely forgets why she was initially there. Rico slides her ass apart and drops her on his black bazooka until her creamy pussy gets a timeout, in favor for her tight asshole to get stuffed. Chastity holds her ass cheeks apart so Rico can jam in all of his 11 inches of black meat. Chastity, the true professional, cleans her ass juice off Rico's black cock before sitting right back down on it. The puckered ass of Chastity eventually has a permanent diameter which rivals that of a can of soda. Chastity's throbbing sphincter is in the back of her mind as she's on her knees and eating a plate of Rico's gravy. We should all have the same type of friends that Rico does.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member mannn**** Said:
fuck yeah

Member gimpg**** Said:
I adore the tiny titties and her pussy lips...I could chew on them all day long....and she gives up her ass....

Member club4**** Said:
I thought Chasity was short. In the first part of the scene she towers over Rico by a good foot. Is Rico a midget or is Chastity an amazon.

Member fame4**** Said:
Perfect kinda scene, young bitch in heels getting anally ripped by one of BoB's best. Spend more time with the whore face down ass up and really destroy their asshole!

Member valfs**** Said:
Chastity, the true professional, bitch beautiful ...

Member k9may**** Said:
WTF is up with the money shot on a plate? Clowns....

Member banks**** Said:
JEEZ i can't stand rico, get him off here.

Member SealK**** Said:
That's why I like about white girls! Look at that cuty, dressed as the strong spirited white woman! No white boy can deal with that strong female figure, but as soon a black man enter the room, she go crazy, fall on her knees and literally beg to feel the strong and big black dick in all her holes : Awesome scene!

Member footd**** Said:
What the hell is falling out of her vagina? She needs to clean that shit up, gross as fuck.

Member rioma**** Said:
I hate this dude in scenes. not sure why just do

Member benny**** Said:
more phone, pleasee!!!!!!!!

Member blaze**** Said:
Sexy body and love her outfit and heels!

Member morig**** Said:
very hott

Member bluew**** Said:
Cute little ass on that girl!

Member The21**** Said:
Love Chastity but I didn't like these scene very much. I think she is far more beautiful with long flowing golden hair as well as I like it when she plays innocent. I'd also like to hear her talk more in the future.

Member purvu**** Said:
I've always liked this chick, and it's great to see so many other people thinking the same. She manages to portray just the right amount of "innocence", which is amazing for such an experienced pornstar. Let's get her on every site please, asap!

Member white**** Said:
gold, real gold here

Member hvitp**** Said:
I would love to see this girl do a BoB scene every month! Damn, she's so beautiful!

Member beerb**** Said:
So cute and so NASTY! Chastity is my favorite girl in porn! Get her for the blowbang site.

Member pilmi**** Said:
How about 11 more of Rico's buddies treating her asshole like a pussy? And some ATM and anal creampies? Otherwise this was awesome.

Member iquag**** Said:
Perfect scene, finally a storyline, would have been an 11 if creampie!

Member q2345**** Said:
Great scene! Chastity Lynn is more beautiful then ever! Her tits are super perfect! I like all the pix showing how perfect she is in those beautiful high heels. She needs to be on Interracial Blowbang wearing those high heels. That would be sensational! As good as this is, it would have been even better if her high heels were left on for the whole vid. The load should have been dumped on her super beautiful face.

Member JKwon**** Said:
Please enough with the cumming on plates, need more facials, I do appreciate the high heels (should ve kept it on) How about some spitting into the mouth, havent seen that lately

Member Aloha**** Said:
I'd love to suck Rico's dick after he cums in my ass!

Member billb**** Said:
Damm Chastity..thank you SO MUCH for doing IR...U R SO VERY HOT HOT HOT..!!

Member jeffe**** Said:
great BJ scene, but the cuming on plates and in cups and stuff ruins the flow of the scene.. what about oral creampie?.. there's some flow for ya!

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