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A lovely afternoon at the park is where we find Christie Stevens and Prince Yahshua. Christie is asking Prince some questions and one in particular leads to some interesting things. Prince has come back from an injury that would have crippled mere mortal men. Christie Stevens is hell bent on finding out if Prince still has what it takes. Once back inside, Christie's perfect tits come out to play as Prince fels up evry inch of her milky, white body. Christie Stevens gets on her knees and there's no doubt Prince Yahshua hasn't missed a step. That massive black cock makes its way into Christie Stevens' mouth as her eyes lock into Prince's . Those amazing tits get felt up as she continues to gag and choke on that big black cock. As par for the course for other white girls, Christie lays back and gladly welcomes Prince's pecker right between her thighs. Christie's tits begin to shake as Prince turns things up a notch, and really takes it out on her white pussy. Christie wanted to taste some nutmeg but the time was perfect to try to conceive. Prince unloaded his nut right inside Christie's honeypot. This interracial couple are gonna have some good looking kids.

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