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You'd think that in 2011 interracial dating wouldn't be as taboo as it once was. Jack Napier and Courtney Cummz have been a couple for a long time but they still manage to get awkward stares in public as well as from their families. Their love for one another knows no bounds or limitations and some heavy displays of public affection brings them back home for some interracial romance. Courtney begins by making out with the third leg that's Jack's big,black cock. Those beautiful white lips surround Jack's mighty member as her pussy starts to drench in its own juices. Courtney's sloppy blow job leads the way for Jack's saturated cock to find its way inside her fuck slot. Courtney lives up to her name by gushing and coming all over Jack's massive appendage.Her pussy lips hug his cock until his balls slam against her ass and be palms her phenomenal tits like a basketball. Each pump of big, black cock leaves less and less air in the lungs of Courtney and her lover's jizz is what she has on her mind. Jack nearly turns Courtney Cummz into a pez dispenser with the shotgun blast of ghetto gravy he unleashes. is where interracial couples come to give the middle finger to society. Don't believe us? Look at the expression on Courtney Cummmz' face.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member beerb**** Said:
Take it Courtney, you look so hot taking that dick. get her more dicks, and bring her back!

Member diese**** Said:
she looks a little like Cordelia from Angel... Sexy as fuck

Member jockb**** Said:
Love the public setups -- wish we could see a full blown fuck in public. Get Jack to show up in his thug attire and let him fuck the shit outta some hot slut like Courtney!

Member beerb**** Said:
9 for Courtney, bring her back for more scenes.

Member thutc**** Said:
does anyone else think she's starting to look a little like alyssa milano? in the eyes...? hmm... ...she's aging really well, but needs to cut it out with the one-on-ones. seven-on-one MINIMUM for courtney cummz

Member tiama**** Said:
There are racists on both sides. The black panther party is a visible example. Be it for or against on that particular issue is still racist. As was said be it character not color that one be judged. In the case of politics, it shouldnt matter, its a matter of policy and being straightforward. Knowing how things work when being in that position aka REALLY taking the oath of office, seperation of powers, bill of rights and the constitution.

Member jVFhn**** Said:
The South is NOT nearly so fucking racist as you stupid ass motherfuckers would lead everyone to believe. Need I remind you that the fucking President is black, and he would have hardly achieved that position without white voters in this country as well. Okay?

Member RJJOH**** Said:
another former hot chick gaining weignt and becomeing plastic.

Member rma09**** Said:
more courtney cummz she is so fucking hot

Member jimde**** Said:
Smoking is gross

Member smoke**** Said:
It really ticks me off that NO director at dogfart, especially Billy Watson, sees the erotic sexuality of women smoking cigarettes, a TURN_ON to a GREAT many (search "smoking fetish" for proof)...Main stream Hollywood created the "bad girl" image with a lit cigarette dangling between a good-looking, full-breasted woman's luscious lips decades ago (and still utilize this sexy prop to enhance sexuality---Pity Dogfart's directors REFUSE to film such scenes!

Member BALLA**** Said:
Courtney is so hot and sexy so she creates chemistry with a stone

Member Micko**** Said:
Great Chemistry between them!!

Member black**** Said:
great maybe jenna is next on the site. more cream pies. my wife loves for her black dudes to cream her pussy and ass. loves to lick off the floor for them when they make her

Member hvitp**** Said:
Great scene, one on one is my favourite kind of scene. Should have some more dirty talk, though.

Member moise**** Said:
when somebody cover face/eyes it turns anybody of..we cannt see emotions reaction

Member Macdo**** Said:
Girl is hot. Jacks big dick is all for naught with that giggly girly voice. Surely he's gay or bi..? If not, he's just plain fem. A real turn off.

Member Brikb**** Said:
Older flix, with multiple partners, were far more interesting than these latest one-on-ones.

Member msaru**** Said:
it tastes like acid sometimes that's why we treat it that way

Member xhzr8**** Said:
I live on the east coast and my gf loves sperm. Just too bad its not black sperm. Id love to see that!

Member wm_ni**** Said:
I need a white bitch who will eat my sperm off the floor like this whore... where are these whites hoes located? I live on the east coast and over here all bitches treat sperm as if it were acid.

Member curts**** Said:
Awesome talent lately. It's time for Jayden James & to convince Kayla Paige to make her IR debut

Member babyd**** Said:
this is perfect any white girl this hot needs and deserves big black superior cock

Member tgray**** Said:
This is why I am a member of this site. Great scene.

Member jayto**** Said:
awsom tits. shes a cutie.

Member thr33**** Said:
get some new girls to do some 3ways

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