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Most girls would have their hands full with Jack Napier's big, black cock. Giselle Leon wants Jack plus four of his friends because her thirst for black dick can never be quenched. Giselle Leon yells out her love for black cock while her and jack are in public. The party truly begins inside when Giselle crawls over to five feet of black cock. The swarm of black men feel her up before she's on her knees sucking the all off. Giselle's free hands get put to good use, so she jerks off any black cock not in her mouth. You can see her throat expand like a bullfrog as each cock takes up residency in her throat. The gang of black guys worship her body and, as you can see, they feel up that smooth ass she carries around on a daily basis. If you thought you were only going to see a blowbang then you're sadly mistaken. Giselle Leon's mouth needed a constant stuffing of black cock as well as her dripping wet snatch. There was no black cock neglected as her fuckhole was slowly opened wider and wider than ever before. The guys called it "Pulling a train". We call it a gangbang that showed no mercy on the white slut in the middle of it all. Need proof? Giselle's pussy was never void of a black cock and she lived up to the moniker she gave herself,"black cock slut". Giselle's interracial gangbang came to an end when she fucked those black cocks until they had no choise but to explode on her. Giselle Leon is a black cock slut......and her reproductive system has it stamped on it.

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NULL Member mosta**** Said:
I can't understand , 5 guys and no one in her asshole?!!

NULL Member tman3**** Said:
It would be great if she would pull an anal train with Mandingo, Jack, Byron, Shane, and Shorty Mac (just for his thickness). Hell maybe she could even take 2 of these big cocks in her butt at once (well maybe we could have Alysa Gape do that. I've seen her take a whole hand in one stroke)

NULL Member redgu**** Said:
should have had all the guys cum in her but great scene

NULL Member gimpg**** Said:
She has yet to become the perfect whore as she won't give up the ass. Let's do it again with all of them in her ass this time...

NULL Member jockb**** Said:
Love this fucking WHORE. Perfect for a gangbang, and I loved it when Jack creampied her cunt -- fucked her so hard it was like he was raping her. The bois treated her like the cum dump she is, and she brought out the nigger in every one of em. White pussy loves that nigger swag!

NULL Member k9may**** Said:
Isn't this the same type of scene as your cuckold site?

NULL Member tyrio**** Said:
Download Now There is a reason this this the #1 ranked video on BOB. At the start, Giselle yells out, to the world, that "I am a black cock slut." I do not believe her. She proves me to be 100% wrong. And she did not even do anal. OMG Download now.

NULL Member reven**** Said:
next time you should all cum inside her and put it up her ass please!

NULL Member Jessi**** Said:
I agree with bobgi...she is a hot little slut..more please...!!!

NULL Member bobgi**** Said:
Hot scene. Time she did an Interracial blow bang.

NULL Member bmont**** Said:
I agree with blaze, fuck those boots put her in some 6" heels and fill her ass and mouth with hot cum

NULL Member reven**** Said:
awesome scene! now you guys just need to gangbang her ass!

NULL Member blaze**** Said:
Hot ass girl! But fuck them boots, put her in some heels.

NULL Member Chuff**** Said:
Damn, you boys really gave it to this girl, huh? Props to Miss Leon for some grade A cock wranglin'...and also to my boys Jon Jon and Wes...great job guys

NULL Member Jessi**** Said:
Giselle is a hot black cock slut....great vid.. more of her please!!!!

NULL Member colen**** Said:
the best evaaaaa! bring her back and this time dp here!

NULL Member alban**** Said:
Put it in her butt already, jeez....

NULL Member easyg**** Said:
off da hinges right there

NULL Member conno**** Said:
this was great, you got to try anal Giselle.

NULL Member beerb**** Said:
She's never looked better. All your girls should do one scene like this. Best in months! A slut with a slutty outfit, Giselle rocks!!!

NULL Member JKwon**** Said:
oops i forgot, luv the slutty boots !!!

NULL Member funng**** Said:

NULL Member carlo**** Said:
get that nigga dick in that tiny shitter next time

NULL Member dodge**** Said:
Best video on the site in the last 9 months! Keep this up and I'll sign for another year, right when I was about to give up on Dogfart.

NULL Member Brikb**** Said:
Best video you've done in months. Groups Rule! More!

NULL Member morig**** Said:
she's just a black cock tease. If she was a Black cock slut she would have taken it in her ass

NULL Member wdfrx**** Said:
what a hot fuckin bitch, boots make the scene, she exudes sex!!!!!! but send her for some implants..... HOT

NULL Member tungp**** Said:
All should have cum in this slut!

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