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Member Rating: 8.56 Julie Cash - Date Added: Monday, 10/24/2011
She's blonde. She has huge tits. She has an ass for days. She's Julie Cash and she's searching high and low for big, black cock. It just so happens that Jack Napier has been hanging around and she's set her sights on the bulge in his pants. Julie brings him inside and it's inevitable that her full lips find themselves sucking on Jack's monster black cock. Julie's fat jugs play host to Jack's mighty beef stick as he slides his third leg in between those massive mammaries. The saliva coming from her mouth is slowly sliding down into her pussy-which makes for awesome, natural lubricant. Julie's going to need all the help she can get as Jack's huge, black cock slides deep inside her cheeks to the point her eyes are rolling into the back of her head. Julie Cash' search for interracial sex was well worth it seeing as how her body is now housing one of the biggest black cocks around. the tip of Jack's cock must , at some point, be touching Julie's molars as he bangs her into submission from behind. In fact, there's really no position off limits as these two engage in the most intense of interracial sex. Julie's perfect ample tits bounce in all directions while Jack's big, black cock completely levels her insides to the point she's screaming her lungs out. Julie's tight(well, used to be tight)pussy continues to squeeze Jack's massive schlong until he can't contain himself and makes a mess of her face. Julie will continue to walk around looking for black cock. However, she's going to have to wear an ice pack in her panties after this encounter.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member casey**** Said:
would be good if the dudes dick was hard

Member Nelso**** Said:
Julie is no cash, just plain stupid.

Member jockb**** Said:
Every blond slut needs a big black dick in her, and it's best when she gets a real nigga like Jack. The man knows who he is and how to get white pussy and beat it up. The more nigger he looks with the hair and the clothes the better.

Member morig**** Said:
this bitch is hot yes, but she is another fucking cum dodger.

Member preve**** Said:
F***** dude talks too much. Julie Cash is perfect tho.

Member bitch**** Said:
Seriously is there a higher number than 10 to vote for this woman? Straight cash homey! Please MORE SCENES with her, and put her in cuckold sessions with shane, that shit would be crazy!!!

Member cityg**** Said:
I loved this scene. Julie Cash is so-o-o-o hot!!! I know some guys do not like the big, thick girls, but I (and I think most black men) absolutely love and go crazy about them. For me, she is off the charts. Please make more scenes with her.

Member k9may**** Said:
When Did BoB start shooting a fat girl line?

Member chuff**** Said:
@xerop...ehh...the cumshot was pretty decent....

Member xerop**** Said:
Not an attractive pair in my opinion. What about the hair on Jack? Looks like how a 13 year old girl might style her hair. Nothing could save this scene.

Member SealK**** Said:
Thanks BlacksOnBlondes.com for this wonderful scene! I love everything about that girl : from her fake platinum blond hair, her eyes, lips, nose, piercing, tits, legs, ass, foot, dress, shoes!!! Jack did a great fucking session with that lovely girl! I noted it 9 cause I'm sure this girl can make even more hot scenes! Bring her 4-5 solid brothas (not shane diesel!) and it will be an awesome gang-bang! I can't wait her to watch cuckold her white boyfriend as well!

Member msaru**** Said:
This girl looked so juicy I couldn't stop looking at her ass and pussy and all of that extra meat. I sure would like to know what she tastes like.

Member beerb**** Said:
A girl like this needs more than one dick.

Member juno6**** Said:
Julie has got one beautiful, thick, curvaceous body and a gorgeous face.

Member aa303**** Said:
would have been good if there was anal

Member blaze**** Said:
This thick girl looks like a good ass fuck

Member k9may**** Said:
Limp Dick Jack and a Fat Ass is a 1.0, no more of Jack.

Member zzbil**** Said:
Is this what Jessica Simpson would look like with a few extra pounds!!!

Member bbwg2**** Said:
a thick blonde finally! keep it up. Tired of skinny ass non blondes fucking up the name of this site.

Member drago**** Said:
I think her plumpness is very pleasing, and a nice change. Some first-rate oral - some of the sexiest I've seen.

Member fredd**** Said:
next time u want to put a fat pig on here just add a new website for fatties

Member fredd**** Said:
what a fat pig

Member skeet**** Said:
shoulda been another mutha fuckin gangbang!

Member jVFhn**** Said:
Facials are for the GLORYHOLE. What is up with all the spitting? Did these stupid bitches ever think that might be why they have pussies that stink like chinese restaurant garbage bins at the height of summer? Stop the fucking spitting, assholes, and get some fucking creampies. THIS IS A FUCKING 2.0.

Member jeter**** Said:
This Pig is smokin hott and a dirty mouth Fantastic. Bring her back to break her shithole please.

Member bbwg2**** Said:
dayum...she thick! finally some blondes that aint skinny ass sticks. julie a bit chunky, but shit she is fine! More of her and like her plaese! if u add my man chillz and a creampie, u got yo self a perfect scene...

Member benny**** Said:
The scene is hot! Julie works very well! Jack is big and thick! amazing and sturdy black cock! But there is a problem ... Julie is fat! Julie needs to lose weight Rate: 6

Member zzhug**** Said:
This girl has curves that don't end! I would've given her a ten if she took it in the butt!

Member pawgd**** Said:
sounds and looks like the new linda friday.

Member pawgd**** Said:
this bitch is awesome. perfect BBC slut!!!!!! A++++++

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