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Member Rating: 9.42 Kagney Linn Karter - Date Added: Monday, 11/14/2011
Kagney Linn Karter is a self-proclamied, "black cock slut." This week, she's gonna put that to the test by getting fucked by the biggest black cock around:Mandingo. Kagney Linn Karter tits are temporariliy hidden by an outfit that's holding tightly against her curvy body. It's not too long before we get a glimpse of Kagney's rockin' body , and she's not shy about showing it off. Kagney doesn't hold back as she loses her mind at the sight of Mandingo's big, black cock. How much is Kagney Linn Karter into interracial sex? Well, Kagney not only sucks on the first 5 inches of Mandingo's black cock; she licks the sides and gives his silver dollar coin purse plenty of attention. The lipstick slowly running off her lips and onto his meaty pole is just the start of this interracial sexcapade. Kagney's pussy gets progressively wetter as her mouth gets increasingly larger by the massive black tree trunk stuffing her face and windpipe. The only break her lungs get is when Kagney Linn Karter takes her time as she glides and slides Mandingo into her sensitive snatch. Kagney has to avoid getting permanently disfigured by Mandingo's black nuclear warhead. Mandingo feels her up as he slowly, but surely, gets as much of his gigantic black cock deep inside parts of her body no white cock has ever been able to reach. Mandingo bends her over and, with her fat tits nearly reaching the floor, pounds the life out of her white pussy as her screams nearly cause the neighbors to dial 9-1-1. It didn't matter if Mandingo hits that pussy from front, behind or from across the street. The constant and nonstop pulverizing of Kagney Linn Karter continues until Mandingo's black coconuts can't hold back the flood of black jizz they inevitably unleash. Kagney Linn Karter's body, esecially her face and great tits, look as if they went through a hurricane of black jizz. Then again, Mandingo is a phenom when it comes to delivering the black cock to horny white bitches.

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Here's what the members are saying

NULL Member matar**** Said:
Amazing Blonde!!!! Que gran folladora!!!!

NULL Member MrDF1**** Said:
Keep bringing white girls with such pale/fair skin tone back please df. Kagney is a great BCS. great scene

NULL Member WilyC**** Said:
Mandingo be breaking these white girls off. How about seeing him with more Latin and Asian hotties....and exotic hotties too. now that will boost this site sky high!

NULL Member lefto**** Said:
seed her lawn, seed it!

NULL Member mannn**** Said:
ass. she has to take it in the ass

NULL Member jVFhn**** Said:

NULL Member sexan**** Said:
Kagney is incredible! SO hot

NULL Member prima**** Said:
fantastic pussy

NULL Member redgu**** Said:
you guys gotta have more girls take a creampie

NULL Member rocag**** Said:
kagney in an anal scene

NULL Member thagg**** Said:
she is the best...best spooning ever!!! what a body on her too

NULL Member abram**** Said:
Get KLK back right now for The BOB Gangbang Treatment...This girl is on Fiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NULL Member jopai**** Said:
Wooww...hell of a scene!!! Kagney and Mandingo...does not get better. However, I agree with suebie.Would have like to see his nut spilling out of that pussy...She deserved it!!! BOB...still unstoppable with the 'Dingo.

NULL Member subie**** Said:
Would of been epic if mandingo creampied her at the end.

NULL Member Chuff**** Said:
I have a feeling that Miss Karter will reign supreme here for a while....

NULL Member MrMac**** Said:
More KLK soon please.

NULL Member benny**** Said:
Kagney in cuckoldsessions, please!!!!!!!!!

NULL Member adeli**** Said:

NULL Member Chuff**** Said:
Best scene here...period.

NULL Member papab**** Said:
Does anyone know why Mandingo has never done a creampie? He can cum a lot...it would be amazing.

NULL Member a8900**** Said:
Not sure who's hotter, Kagney or Allie... definitely want to see more of both!! Please bring them back.. would love to see them in cuckold sessions... Great Job

NULL Member sknus**** Said:
Thanks for the new format !!! A lot better!!!!! Now we are in the game!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

NULL Member pawgd**** Said:
Bring back Heather Summers(Serina).

NULL Member kingu**** Said:

NULL Member zzMic**** Said:
Kagney got a Amizing Body & this is a Great scene!!! Thanks BOB!!! Keep on using ManDingo!!:)

NULL Member built**** Said:
very funny, punk5

NULL Member rioma**** Said:
could have been so much better

NULL Member coffi**** Said:
Punks needs a story??? Big dick (though boring) black dude fucks the shyt outta big tittted white girl and she acts like she loves it. Story enough??

NULL Member sound**** Said:
love her... more scenes with her please...

NULL Member dalec**** Said:
Great Scene but Please get Dingo with Allie James, Thanks B.O.B.

NULL Member midkn**** Said:
we NEED more of this chick and other new BCS to do more 'interracial pickups'!! tell em to bring some friends over to the darkside!!

NULL Member PUNK5**** Said:
This scene is awful because it is gonzo. Please use a story.

NULL Member tchar**** Said:
Wow! is all I can say. KLK is gorgeous and lovely doing BBC. This is a 10+

NULL Member chuff**** Said:
@kwola are you crazy? she sounds so sweet and innocent! And she looks so pretty with a fat african rod in her mouth! Kagney Linn FTW!!!!

NULL Member rrdoc**** Said:
She is really enjoying the moment. ......SO FINE, SO HOT!!!

NULL Member batma**** Said:
i c u guys put up 1 of his interacial pickup scenes... what about te kelly klass 1...? r there any more.?? and under his filter it says pleasure did him in her 1st scene. where is it..?

NULL Member Kylie**** Said:
Love KLK, but had to give it thumbs down cuz of Fred. Maybe u can hook her up with different talent down the line?

NULL Member benny**** Said:
I love you KLK... What more sensual voice .. she is beautiful ...KLK in cuckoldsessions Worth the wait of more than three years

NULL Member sexpo**** Said:
Do they ever hire any new guys on this site, I see the same ones year after year.

NULL Member benny**** Said:
yes yes yes...now Alexis Texas!!!!

NULL Member kwola**** Said:
her voice sucks

NULL Member avata**** Said:
She is so pretty needs to do a cuckold/gangbang scene.

NULL Member easyg**** Said:
yeah that one rocked

NULL Member mcbri**** Said:
24 seconds into these update and it became a favorite

NULL Member ei38T**** Said:
whoever did the blocking and camera work is a real pro and must have been a film school grad

NULL Member batma**** Said:
def annette schwartz and dingo!!!plz!!! and question why are mandingos interacial pickup scenes not under the mandingo filter and scenes he doesnt even appear in r???

NULL Member batma**** Said:
Dingo is useless. Dude has a big dick and don't kow how to use it...fucks like a snail...what a shame. Would have loved to have seen Shane and Jack tagteam this pretty white girl and split her in-two like a block of wood! GANGBANG HER!!! PLEASE!!!

NULL Member drizz**** Said:
This chick is incredible!!! Damn Dogfart you pulled off a great update!!

NULL Member jfr21**** Said:
i second the schwartz VS mandingo

NULL Member funng**** Said:
Beautiful girl with a massive dick. Priceless to watch.

NULL Member chuff**** Said:
God she is stunning. It is scenes like this that make me truly believe porn is an art form. Her voice is so sexy....

NULL Member fucco**** Said:
Boo! She needs to do a creampie scene. PLEASE!

NULL Member beerb**** Said:
YES!!! Kagney Lynn Carter a Black Cock Slut! She looks great down on her knees, bring her back for more, please.

NULL Member toona**** Said:
awesome but still want to see annette schwartz and mandingo

NULL Member dalec**** Said:
By far the best one yet, Please get Dingo with Allie James Tristyn Kennedy and Missy Maze Thanks B.O.B.

NULL Member Nuke3**** Said:

NULL Member batma**** Said:
i luv u guys!!!!dogfarts the best!!! can u guys just lock mandingo down b4 jules jordan gets him 4 keeps...

NULL Member Nuke3**** Said:
First to post here. Please bring her back for more!!!

NULL Member hvitp**** Said:
God almighty! She's the hottest thing ever!

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