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Member Rating: 9.09 Katie Kox - Date Added: Monday, 01/03/2011
We've started off 2011 with a bang........a gangbang, that is! Katie Kox is married to a white guy whose small cock is made up with a huge bank account. The husband is out of town on business and left his bra-busting little woman in charge of 5 blue collar thugs. Katie walks in as the hired hands are shooting the breeze and she throws a shit fit once they threaten to walk out on the job. Katie turns lemons into lemonade by fucking this gang of black bulls so that the money keeps rolling in. Like a pack of wild dogs they rip Katie's clothing off her milky, white frame and take turns ravaging her mouth with their big black cocks. Katie's mouth slides down each black shaft while not worrying that their hours will be going into overtime. The union of black laborers take turns slamming her from behind while her hands and mouth leave no black cock unattended. The self-lubrication oozing from her neglected white slit soon gets 2 black cocks jammed inside. Katie's airbags swing in every possible direction while her creamy, white pussy gets a double assault from black cock. The interracial porn on her husband's business laptop doesn't compare to the pure hell Katie's body is going through and all for the love of her limp husband. The time to punch out arrives when all 5 black meat slingers shoot their grits on her face, in her snatch, on those mountains of tits and any other dry spot on her body.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member thrak**** Said:
Too much bullshit goofin' around.

Member troyr**** Said:
My favorite white slut next to Austin Taylor and Kelly Divine

Member Cucko**** Said:
At last someone who cums like a Man....rite on...

Member dan1m**** Said:
These whores need to be more vocal.

Member flori**** Said:
AWESOME! I love Katie! Those titties are Crazy! I'm just unwinding after pumping about a fountain of hot sperm to Katie taking all that big black dick. Between that hot slut and the big black dick toy deep up my ass I kept pumping over and over. Gonna cum to her cuckold scene next. Katie so HOTT!

Member redgu**** Said:
now thats what im talking about...

Member inter**** Said:
keep cumming in those pussies

Member bmont**** Said:
Big titty blonde getting hammered by 5 10" black cocks now thats what porn is about

Member ray12**** Said:
choke this fine bitch and suck those tits till they red!!

Member Casan**** Said:
Great scene. The only way to top it would be to include her cuckold hubby, but that's another site...

Member zulum**** Said:
huge tits and an interracial gangbang. cant beat it

Member skeet**** Said:
gangbang her again!

Member CMoos**** Said:
thats what theses sites r about. hope to see more of her.

Member charl**** Said:
wow love those thick chicks. she takes black cocks well!!

Member skeet**** Said:
more gangbangs! InterracialBlowbang her!

Member Micko**** Said:
I think GangBang is over...

Member tug10**** Said:
Where's the HD? Get some good camera equipment, what a shmae these are some great scenes.

Member lilhr**** Said:
mmmmm i know her husband was on set lets see him with her after yummmmmmy

Member jackt**** Said:
gave it a one, and didnt bother to download, b/c of the gang-bang. what a shame.

Member ENJOY**** Said:

Member ohrya**** Said:
good scene, but she should have to be naked.

Member pourv**** Said:
more of her

Member 88mcg**** Said:

Member max20**** Said:
This scene is how a gangbang should be done. Good stuff.

Member bbbmd**** Said:
this could have been so much better--Katie Kox is hot as hell and knows how to be a bcs and you guys killed that let her talk more

Member k9may**** Said:
No More of the Sausage-fest.

Member Marku**** Said:
Beautiful tits. More of it!

Member jayto**** Said:
now this is what i am talking about!!!

Member bigta**** Said:
You guys missed a good chance. This is a hot lady the things you could have done. Lets call a do over.

Member WHILE**** Said:
Nice gangbang - done at the correct pace

Member forsa**** Said:

Member hende**** Said:
we dont want girls like this very disapointing!

Member dalec**** Said:
Boo, put her with the Cougars where is the young stuff?????? You guy's have been putting up some great girls what happened.

Member feyen**** Said:

Member Huffc**** Said:
Well, I'm not the biggest Katie Kox fan, but I have to give her props for takin on two of the most badass thugs on the market: Shane and Wesley!!!

Member black**** Said:
this girl does not look that good, but still a good sex scene...

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