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Member Rating: 9.15 Kelly Wells 2's Second Appearance - Date Added: Monday, 08/14/2006
Kelly did a scene for us before, and demonstrated that she is one unbelievably slutty, full-blown whore. So it was a no brainer to bring her back for a return engagement. As she is being interviewed before the scene, she starts rubbing her pussy, and before long she has 3 fingers in and is frantically jamming them in and out as fast as she can. She wants some fat black cock, at least that's what she keeps telling us while she frantically fingers herself to orgasm. In walks the first one with his black flagpole standing straight out, and like a crazed werewolf, she dives on it and starts gnawing on it like she's possessed! The inhuman sounds that come from her throat make you think you are watching a horror movie instead of a whore movie! Man this slut is a fuckin' WILD black cock beast! I guarantee you that you have never seen anything as depraved as this! Make sure you turn the volume down before watching this video, or you might find the law at your door, this sounds very damned intense! Soon she has 2 black pythons in her face, and she just goes batshit crazy shoving them in her mouth and gnawing on their balls! Between all the gagging, choking, gasping for air, and growling, I began to worry that she would just bite one off and swallow it! In comes another brave brother, and whips out a third victim for this crazed beast! She get fucked like an animal while still jawing on the other 2 and they clobber her face with their black clubs to attempt to subdue her. One goes right for her asshole and plunders her anal passage with his huge meatsword. When he pulls it out for a gape shot, it looks like you can park a car in there, and they take turns fucking her backdoor and her mouth at the same time. There is only one place to go with this, and that is a DP with 2 black cattle prods jamming her 2 crotch openings, and the third shoved down her throat. The intensity just continues to build, and you know there has to be some exquisite cumeating to follow all this sexual insanity! This scene is not for the weak of heart, so be forewarned, this video needs a warning from the surgeon general!

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Here's what the members are saying

Member mannn**** Said:
we want more of this

Member thril**** Said:
Blowbangs are boring. Screw that we want to see some hardcore fucking.

Member thril**** Said:
I haven't even looked at the scene yet but a Kelly Wells dp is an automatic 10.

Member mkzxx**** Said:
wow kelly she is so sexy

Member morig**** Said:
this bitch is scary hungry for black cock

Member Rtp69**** Said:
WOW!!!!Now thats how an IR banging should be... fuck that throat and ass!!!! love it. I need a white bitch like this.

Member johnj**** Said:
A IR throat bang would be nice, with lots of choking since she loves it....and maybe anal?

Member dog43**** Said:
Love the choking scene More black hands around those lovely white vulnerable throats!!

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