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Most girls skip around town with the hopes of getting into some kind of mischief. Khloe Kush bought a plane ticket to L.A in order to seek out the legendary Mandingo. Khloe loves interracial porn and the sight of Mandingo's big, black cock always gets her off when she's home. However , she now wants the real thing and is all over town looking for his massive black cock. Khloe, after no luck, goes back home to masturbate to his likeness when the real mccoy comes through. Khloe wears a smile on her face that can't be wiped off , and after admiring his black cock she sucks it with gusto. Khloe Kush can't believe she has only part of Mandingo's huge slab of beef in her mouth and it's enough to get her pussy dripping wet. Khloe continues to slobber over Mandingo's black tree trunk until she decides to slide him inch at a time, of course. Mandingo's huge black cock slowly drills deep inside Khloe in order to avoid her flying back home with a ruptured pussy. Khloe's beautiful beef curtains shake as a big, black cock makes its way up her stomach and into her rib cage. The screaming coming from such a small package is unreal and Mandingo's third leg continues to pound that little white pussy. Khloe's ordeal only comes to a halt when her once-tight pussy hugs Mandingo's black coco to the point of no return. The result? Khloe Kush gets a blast of black goo to the face that nearly gives her whiplash.

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Here's what the members are saying

NULL Member WilyC**** Said:
He be drillin'

NULL Member lefto**** Said:
Very underrated scene, i should start voting. tis the time of the seasone.

NULL Member donpe**** Said:
sexy gurl

NULL Member KingM**** Said:
You need to bring this girl for the other sites. Quite Hot!!!!

NULL Member mannn**** Said:
More Mandingo and short girlies!!

NULL Member etter**** Said:
Girl 8-9 !! sex 3.

NULL Member morig**** Said:
Love her piercing, her socks and the load she swallows

NULL Member sdogg**** Said:
Always great to see little "teenie" looking white sluts taking bbc. The tennis shoes add to the illusion which is the point.

NULL Member jjone**** Said:
Ahh,...the return of plastic-dick.

NULL Member SealK**** Said:
Agree with JKwon... I can't stand tennis shoes or sneakers (except on Alannah Rae!), heels for Black Cock Sluts must be a rule! Look at Julie Cash and Erica Fontes, they are awesome on Stilettos! Buy your girls louboutins shoes!

NULL Member Micko**** Said:
Yeah ManDingo!! One of the best ManDingo scenes on the site! Love the Girl next door taking on The ManDick!! Maybe ManDingo on the daughtersite? Thanx for a great scene anyway!!

NULL Member morga**** Said:
love it! looks like my homecoming date ;)

NULL Member JKwon**** Said:
quit with the tennis shoes, put these bitches in heels....

NULL Member anobo**** Said:
yea more resistance. resistance can lead to acceptance.

NULL Member batma**** Said:
by the way plz have mandingo do cecilia vega and barb cummings! both would be epic!!!

NULL Member batma**** Said:
keep the mandingo coming!!!!!!!!!!str8 up

NULL Member xhzr8**** Said:
I disagree with jaybl I like the fact that the white girls know there place and that they are there to please the black man and he doesnt have to do anything like eat them they just please him!!!

NULL Member kwola**** Said:
i think better would be some kind of resistance - like white wife just not into bbc but then needs to repay hubby's debt. gets addicted to bbc e.t.c

NULL Member skeet**** Said:

NULL Member bornf**** Said:
Great talent. Great gear. But overall these scenes have gotten lazy as fuck. Same set. Same lighting. I'd love to see a white bitch getting fucked in front of something besides a neon abstact painting but apparently that just ain't gonna happen. I've enjoyed the trend lately of seeing fresh faces, and both Mandingo and Khloe can be truly great, but this directing and whole setup has gotten lazy as fuck and is in desperate need of some fresh ideas. Hit me up.

NULL Member jaybl**** Said:
Man this guy comes off as lazy now. He just lays there while the chick does most of the work. It's always better when the guy eats her pussy a little.

NULL Member dalec**** Said:
get Mandingo with Missy Maze or Tristyn Kennedy really liked this scene.

NULL Member rioma**** Said:
awesome pairing. awesome scene. like adding Mandingo to the mix. crazy shit

NULL Member spide**** Said:

NULL Member dalec**** Said:
great stuff, but please give us Dingo and Tristyn Kennedy and Missy Maze with Dingo 1on1, Tristyn came right out and said she can take a big black cock so please make it happen.

NULL Member crash**** Said:
Throw it in her booty hole next time!

NULL Member wesse**** Said:
Average girl (6-7rate)guy 10!But the sex...4.Total 6.

NULL Member Syari**** Said:
Please put her in WMDGB and IR Blowbangs. Or bring her back for a multiple guy scene on BoB.

NULL Member gtv14**** Said:
classic Mandingo - and little white girl - great stuff.

NULL Member eemar**** Said:
The way she looks up at Mandingo when she takes his cock in her mouth is fucking hot. More cock for her - and definitely a Daughter scene, as she looks pretty young.

NULL Member jjone**** Said:
Damn this girl is hot. Please bring her back.

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