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Member Rating: 8.75 Kimberly Gates - Date Added: Monday, 09/27/2010
Future Employee Of The Month, Kimberly Gates, has Flash Brown and Jon Jon in her sights. Being the super helpful employee that she is Kimberly inquires as to whether or not our two black meatslingers have been taken care of. You can see the thought balloons pop up over their heads as Kimberly's smile burns dirty images in their minds. The only way they can give their seal of approval for this establishment is if Kimberly comes back to their pad so her gullet and nether regions can get obliterated by big black cock. Kimberly finds herself at the mercy of over two feet of black meat and does her best to suck them both down. Kimberly is in interracial sex heaven as her tight body gets the attention she's been craving. Both of the thugs take turns making mincemeat out of her pink slit as it expands several times its normal diameter. Normally, her girly parts are reserved for white dicks which explains the ultra-tightness both guys feel. Her screams nearly get drowned out by the noises two sets of black balls make as they slap against her milky white skin. With one black dick in her mouth and one occupying her pussy, Kimberly takes interracial sex to a new, perverted level. Don't believe us? Take a look at the mess made on her face. There's a smile there somewhere underneath all that ghetto sauce.

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Here's what the members are saying

NULL Member pupit**** Said:
Skinny little whore looks good with all that big black cock inside her. Shoulda shoved it up her asshole.

NULL Member morig**** Said:
I'd let her help me out!

NULL Member jaybl**** Said:
I think this is the Kardashian sister no one talks about...

NULL Member kenne**** Said:
what a hot little chick she is. very pretty face. natural and clean body.

NULL Member desro**** Said:
She's a hottie! Sure she's white though? Seems latina to me. No problem with that for me!

NULL Member WHILE**** Said:
this was a good match - Kimberly is hot and built for speed - Flash provides the deep penetration and Jon Jon the support - all in all well balanced episode - Jon Jon looks like a new dude with his hair arrangement and considering he's not hung well was ok in this role as Kimberly is slight of frame.

NULL Member reald**** Said:
I love kimberly Gates shes so pretty! Bout time she shaved her pussy hair tho! lol I didnt realize how good she gives head

NULL Member shado**** Said:
this girl needs to be gangbanged realy hard with the 4 largest black cocks you can find

NULL Member lucit**** Said:
I second the here comes the bride on black cock. The thought of white girls cucking their husbands on the night they get married or marrying a black man is a great turn on.

NULL Member gogge**** Said:
STANDARD-PORN ....from the "bad 80ies"..(?)buffff!!

NULL Member jojoj**** Said:

NULL Member blkbr**** Said:
I gave it two because I am being nice. Aren't there other guys besides Flash? Where is ICE COLD? Jon Jon go back to the gym!

NULL Member Arnau**** Said:
soon is coming Rebecca Linares :p :p

NULL Member wesle**** Said:
Is brunette the new blonde?

NULL Member jayto**** Said:
Gave it a 10 - she's sweeeeett

NULL Member morti**** Said:
flash is the true eleven inches

NULL Member range**** Said:
NOW we're talkin! This set rules! This girl is SO hot and she looks real...not a tattooed/pierced used-up whore, not a rack of bones, no fake tits...just real fresh and super hot!

NULL Member Arnau**** Said:
She is GREAT!!! I love her

NULL Member Miche**** Said:
I think she looks better than Kim Kardashian

NULL Member rcohe**** Said:
Was waiting for this chick to do IR! hope to see more of her with bigger dicks like Jack or shane, alexa nicole and danica dillan need to be black slamed as well

NULL Member hughb**** Said:
looks like a skinny version of Kim Kardashian

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