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Member Rating: 9.43 Kristina Rose - Date Added: Monday, 10/25/2010
This weeks recipient of a black cock drilling is Kristina Rose. She starts off the festivities by shaking her money maker outside for all to see. Her bodacious booty is barely covered by a very fortunate bikini. After seeking the safety of the indoors Kristina uses a variety of toys to stretch her sphincter in hopes that it can accommodate Flash Brown's mammoth chorizo. Kristina's mouth plays host to Flash's cock as her esophagus pays the price in order for Kristina Rose to have her fill of interracial sex. Her pussy self lubricates which helps when Flash rams her with his black cannon. Kristina's screams of joy are equal in pitch as the balls slapping against her pink taco. Her pussy juices drip over to her backdoor which might as well have a sign over it saying "For big black cock only!" Every inch of black dick that gains entry into her asshole is met with moaning and groaning that takes Kristina's body into a world of pure pleasure. Her gaping bunghole may never go back to its original shape after getting plowed by the biggest cock she's ever gone to task with. Kristina's open mouth gets completely bombarded with Flash's testicular tartar sauce which she gladly gulps down.

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Here's what the members are saying

NULL Member SadiZ**** Said:
If she's faking it then she's damn good at her job. Outstanding scene! The look on her face in some of the pics are enough to make you blast off!

NULL Member AriaH**** Said:
Oh what a wonderful little black cock whore! She knows what she was born for and she gives it up - you KNOW she NEEDS big black cock and she KNOWS what white girls asses are meant for. Watching that tiny white girls ass swallow that big beautiful black dick was amazing, and watching how much she loved it made my clit throb. Would love to see her in a gang bang!

NULL Member buddy**** Said:
what a white trash ho

NULL Member sdogg**** Said:
New favorite scene, Kristina is the perfect little white BCS. I just love seeing girls that I've only previously seen play innocent white cock loving teens take a BBC as such. DogFart you guys really pushed it over the top with the socks and heels, thanx!

NULL Member SealK**** Said:
She is too good for Shane!

NULL Member west7**** Said:
love her bush

NULL Member noppe**** Said:
This is more like the good old Dogfarts..=PORN!!

NULL Member Maxxx**** Said:
also get danica dillon back for a scene with shane :D

NULL Member Maxxx**** Said:
yeah shane diesel with her, would make one hell of a scene, not anal with shane tho just pussy

NULL Member jackt**** Said:
say no to anal, but yes, why is she dodging Shane Diesal for?

NULL Member SealK**** Said:
Flash is my new hero! He fucked so well Kristina, with strengh, authority and passion! No way she'll go white after that!

NULL Member reald**** Said:
this scene was awesome and so was kristina she is an oral beast

NULL Member ENJOY**** Said:
she is amazing!!!!! very seductive, freaky and can take big dick!!!! and is flat out incredible!!!! who ever runs this site please let me know how i can link up with her!!!!!!

NULL Member shado**** Said:
this flash guy is not all that seen better scence with kristina and am a big fan of hers, bring her back with shane diesel

NULL Member slick**** Said:
Kristina needs to come back for a gloryhole, interracial pickup, and most of all She should also do another scene here with her and 3-4 guys. DP, Double Vag, Creampie.

NULL Member delta**** Said:
One of the best scenes I have ever seen anywhere. Great touch with the red toes and the leg warmers. She is an oral monster. One of the most enthusiastic and genuinely hot women I've ever seen.

NULL Member hungr**** Said:

NULL Member rrrdo**** Said:
she deserves an interracial Dp!!

NULL Member bigmi**** Said:
I'm dying to see a set with any of the models wearing tan pantyhose (yes I've got a pantyhose fetish) :)

NULL Member jayto**** Said:
dammmmn - she gets tore up!!!!!!!!!!!

NULL Member quali**** Said:
Awesome...Start to finish. This girl is incredible...Flash + Anal = WOW

NULL Member valer**** Said:
Interracial Blowbang her!!!! please............

NULL Member apare**** Said:
Thank you so much for the sock scene! We nee more tubesocks! More more more!

NULL Member irfil**** Said:
BOB has pulled off a hat trick. 3 thumbs up, three times in a row keep up the good work BOB.

NULL Member hvitp**** Said:
This girl is beautiful! Don't like anal, though, but good scene!

NULL Member rocke**** Said:
she won't shit right for a week.

NULL Member daime**** Said:
great great scene its nice to see her doing interracial anal. now bring jayden jaymes to the show

NULL Member thenu**** Said:
love her, but what the fuck is up with the music at the beginning?!!

NULL Member ricem**** Said:
I thought I subscribed to Blacks on Blondes...hopefully American blondes that is..? Where are they? Perhaps they can pry themselves away from the pro athletes for a B on B video shoot. Otherwise I guess it's Blacks on Brunettes.

NULL Member jonat**** Said:
Man . Ms. Rose You are a revelation. Now that is fucking. Flash is the MAN. He tore that Ass and Pussy up. This team is a winning. Two Sexual atheletes at their best!!!Hooray for Hollywood.

NULL Member josh2**** Said:
she needs to shave that fro

NULL Member dalec**** Said:
Awsome scene she is super hot and NO Sean Micheals or Pipes to srew it up.

NULL Member valer**** Said:
Great scene!She is perfect for

NULL Member wm_ni**** Said:
this man fucks like he is mentally challenged... find a man who will fuck the shit out of these whores because this man seems confused

NULL Member k9may**** Said:
WTF is up with the jerking off in a bowl Bullshit?

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