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Member Rating: 9.41 Lily Carter - Date Added: Monday, 03/19/2012
Very few, if any, have the dilemma that faces Jack Napier on a daily basis: Women only want him for the third leg he keeps in his pants. Lily Carter is counseling the black swordsmen and she risks losing her license for a taste of what's been ruining white vaginas for years. Lily is another notch on Jack's belt and she's more than happy to risk breaking patient-doctor confidentiality. Lily gets on her knees and attempts to suck on every inch of Jack's massive link. Mr. Napier doesn;t seem to mind if his session getting billed- he just wants a crack at that college educated pussy. Lily Carter's secret fascination with interracial sex gets lived out the second her vaginal walls massage Jack Napier's gigantic black dong. Lily's glasses fog us as that smooth pussy gets drilled as if her pussy is able to squirt gold. This bookworm by day/black cock slut by night gets slammed, oked and prodded by Jack's huge black cock until he shoots a prescription-ordered load of black nutmeg right inside her fuck box. Lily Carter better clean up her office before she sees her next patient.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member wcbdi**** Said:
and a squirter!!! over rated? my ass.

Member wcbdi**** Said:
she needs to cum back. the glasses do it all. nigger slut

Member zzhug**** Said:
Bring her back, and let's butt-fuck her this time. She can take it.

Member galer**** Said:
This bird is well over rated.

Member revol**** Said:
i would gladly take sloppey seconds in that pretty pink pussy

Member evize**** Said:
A scene with wesley pipes would be hot

Member thegr**** Said:
Lily and Mandingo/shane in CUCKOLD scene.

Member hoboh**** Said:
Lily is pretty much perfect in my opinion so it's a 10 from me...

Member myles**** Said:

Member Barry**** Said:
She looks so good sucking black dick, she needs to do more

Member gimpg**** Said:
It that all of it, is it in? Should have choked the bitch out when he was cumming....

Member bwcho**** Said:
Lily Carter best cocktease ever!! luv this girls sexy mouth and ass, what a true cock slut. bring her back over and over.

Member SealK**** Said:
Yes, bring her back to cuckold a white man! But for God's sake, not with Shane as the bull! Jack or Wesley or Mandingo!

Member thibo**** Said:
id love to see her in watching my daughter go black or interracial pickups

Member lilwh**** Said:
please please please bring her to cuckold sessions! Soooo HOTT

Member bankr**** Said:
want to lick her fucked pussy!!! want to see more of her

Member hambu**** Said:
fucking love the creampies

Member diese**** Said:
I love the way she pulled that dick out and placed it in her hand... so hot! But I would love to see her and Mandingo.

Member darkl**** Said:
Holy fucking shit! Lily Carter is amazing :) Jack rocks too. I'd love to see Lily with Mandingo!!

Member POPEY**** Said:

Member diese**** Said:
Lily Carter VS Mandingo would be a great scene. She would go crazy over that dick

Member JKwon**** Said:
R u crazy... the heels add to the slutty look. and she is slutty, please bring her back for a DP and blowbang

Member CHUFF**** Said:
Lily looks amazing in this scene...she has the prettiest face in porn...

Member juno6**** Said:
Lily is gorgeous and so sexy! She could be the next interracial star!

Member sapli**** Said:
Great scene, keep the creampies cumming.

Member redsh**** Said:
This is one awesome scene. Watched it once, jacked off twice.

Member toetw**** Said:
Another scene ruined by a pair of heels that stay on throughout the entire vid. I understand that some folks love the heels but do they really have to stay on the entire time? It is possible to please everyone if, in fact, the heels make their way off the girl's pretty white feet even if just for a few minutes near the end...

Member jockb**** Said:
Love it when Jack gives a fine slut a creampie -- there should be Jack babies all over the place. He knows how to bring out the animal and the whore in a white girl.

Member black**** Said:
I will be on this site for ever if you could get wesley and mandingo to bust bibi jones up like this with a double vag creampie

Member black**** Said:
Had to come back and watch this again. hottest scene ever on bob. would love to see wesley hit tiffany star like this with a must creampie.

Member Micko**** Said:
Classic Porn!!!! 1 on 1 and simply Awesome!!!! Cant stop Watching!!! More jack Napier and Pretty Young Girls 1 On 1 Please!!! This is the kind of stuff you dont find on other sites!!=)

Member Black**** Said:
Love the gaping, this girl definitely doesn't have the same vagina she started with.

Member soone**** Said:
Definitely the hottest porn I've ever seen. Wow. Don't know if I can ask for more.

Member white**** Said:
nice squirting moment, overall very nice

Member lefto**** Said:
wow, this girl is hot, though i wish the girls wouldn't bleach their buttholes.

Member eemar**** Said:
I loved the choking. She looked really into it. What a whore! Agree on the creampie. The only thing hotter than a creampie is a double creampie and a cuckold lapping the cum up.

Member patin**** Said:
Very hot, but what's with the hands on neck stuff? She's a sexy one!

Member rodfo**** Said:
Great gaping creampie........but I'm affraid he's going to choke her to death.

Member diver**** Said:
can you all please film Liza del Sierra and Jack Napier.

Member black**** Said:
More cream pies

Member black**** Said:
Loved watching her get the cream pie. All the scenes should end with a creampie. The only thing that would make this better is if she did a double vag with Jack and Mandingo double creampie. Absoutely her hottest scene ever. Her next scene on bob has to dp with a lot of atm.

Member bills**** Said:

Member sknus**** Said:
One of the best scenes ever!!!!!! She is so crazy!!!

Member horre**** Said:
yeah welcome lily

Member vipgu**** Said:
Screaming and cumming over and over! Love to see a woman enjoying a big cock! She should have paid him!

Member beerb**** Said:
More Lily Carter!

Member conno**** Said:
I fully agree with Aria, love to see my wife take Jack's BBC.

Member fame4**** Said:
Good to see another bitch plowed by the best looking cock around. Fuck you, whore

Member AriaH**** Said:
Oh my god! What a scene! I'd love to take Lily's place and worship the beautiful cock. Both Liliy and Jack were convincing in their roles and any time Jack want to invite me over for a culinary creation I'll be the dessert :-) Lily worships that cock like a true beleiver and I could hardly believe my eyes when her pussy swallowed it in one. And I love that she is a squirter - when she cums you know she is not faking. I'd love to give this a 10 but...would have loved to see her taking that wonder of the world up her ass.

Member PRWfo**** Said:
An awesome creampie ending!

Member blaze**** Said:
Another great scene! 2 in a row, keep em coming!

Member thibo**** Said:
fanfuckingtastic! love lily carter and her going bbc slut+creampie is a 10! gives more lily carter on BoB!

Member Micko**** Said:
A Great 10* Scene again!!!Nice set up and acting, Lily is cute & HOT!!! And Mr Napier never dissapoint me!! Thanx BOB

Member kitty**** Said:
Creampie aftermath was good, until she pissed everywhere...nasty. But I agree nice clothes are much better.

Member thibo**** Said:

Member lepro**** Said:
i was so excited until i seen the shoes

Member diver**** Said:
she was really enjoying that massive cock! good scene!

Member zzq23**** Said:
Fantastic scene! Excellent pic set! Lily Carter is sensational! Great to see the ladies wearing nice clothes and shoes instead of copying what the dumb ass high school girls are doing. Lily needs to be on InterracialBlowbang ASAP!

Member thenu**** Said:
This would've been infinitely better if you used someone who is good with upping the sexual chemistry like Chilly or Flash Brown. Hopefully Lily comes back for better scenes. Napier has no concept of maintaining the mood but since you use him so much I guess that's not a priority.

Member k9may**** Said:
Jack and Creampie a zero rating.

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