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Member Rating: 8.78 Lizzie Tucker - Date Added: Monday, 11/01/2010
Lizzy Tucker comes to us via faulty mechanical work. Her bucket on wheels broke down in a neighborhood where black men roam and white girls moan. Lizzy makes the acquaintance of white girl destroyers, Cain and Sean, and in the process she learns about how they earn the Benjamins. Lizzy's curiosity with interracial porn movies is broken down when Sean Michaels gives her the 411. This white girl seems eager enough that she readily follows the two black beef slingers to another set in order to get blitzed by big black cocks. She knew they must have been packing serious meat. However, once she got their jeans off then you can see the shock that overcame her. Lizzy used her nervousness to her advantage by swallowing massive amounts of black cock while trying not to pass out from lack of oxygen. Her petite pussy soon resembled the Lincoln Tunnel simply because Cain and Sean took turns drilling her fuck hole. Her screams were non-existent since her mouth and pussy were never free of black cock. Both black bulls devastated, defiled and decimated Lizzy until her white pussy became beet red and stretched beyond recognition. Lizzy Tucker's interracial porn debut concludes when her face gets splattered with black gravy. Lizzy is now in an elite club: She's one of the few,the proud, the latest whore on!

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Here's what the members are saying

Member LangD**** Said:
Bit tame maybe but I really enjoy teen girl/older guy porn. Add interracial and threesome factors and you can't go much wrong.

Member mannn**** Said:
sooooo dulllllllll

Member horny**** Said:
wow great scene lizzie was so hot and the dogfart boys makes a good job wow

Member morig**** Said:
She's cute but fuck the shit out of her

Member rrblu**** Said:
I wouldnt be surprised in Nina Hartley has fucked the shit out of these guys

Member biggc**** Said:
I think nina hartly will fuck the shit out of these guys

Member shado**** Said:
nice looking girl but whats with the go slow shit why are they not pounding the SHIT OUT OF HER

Member rioma**** Said:
she is a great interriacial star!

Member adria**** Said:
she's a dreamgirl...

Member nasty**** Said:
Although Lizzie Tucker is hot she really didn't impress me with her fuck game. The guys were taking it way to easy on her and I understand because this is probably her first time fucking big black cock. I hope the next time she's invited her sexual prowess is top notch.

Member hvitp**** Said:
She is one of the hottest girl I've ever seen. But I agree with 2pyyw, why wait with the dirty talk? Hey, I'm all done jerking off by the time she starts talking about her boyfriend. It should be a recurring theme of the scene, talking about how her boyfriend's white dick doesn't measure up compared to the black dicks etc.

Member PROJK**** Said:
better when cum inside pussy

Member 2pyyw**** Said:
Wish she was my girlfriend. She was awesome, really wished she mentioned her bf more and how he didn't compare.

Member jayto**** Said:
she's cute - but scene was kinda tame

Member soho7**** Said:
she is a very cute girl that knows how to take a big black cock. great scene

Member rrrdo**** Said:
Leave shane diesels granpa at home. Besides that she's fukin hot!!! Dp??

Member sergi**** Said:
good scene.......but some anal would be much better!!!

Member slick**** Said:
Lizzy needs to be gangbanged or at least run her through the Interracial Blowbang Just STOP using sean in scenes.

Member WHILE**** Said:
Darn - looking forward to this but it's boring - Bryon and the annoying Cuckold was on a par with this - only scene she has played that was so so was the Glory hole - what a waste of a beautiful babe. Tommy Ryden and Flash - now that was hot! never a dull scene in that one!

Member 88arg**** Said:
More more more of Lizzy please!

Member noval**** Said:
She needs to be in a gangbang, at least 4 dudes.

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