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Member Rating: 8.80 Missy Maze - Date Added: Monday, 04/18/2011
There's no chick magnet quite like a dog. Flash Brown was out walking his pooch when Missy Maze came walking by and magic was soon about to take place. Missy wasted no time in spelling out her intentions to Flash even though another white girl is fucking his gigantic black cock. Flash' loyalty to his girlfriend was put on the back burner as he got a glimpse of a pantyless Missy. Flash' cheating ways began when Missy stuffed his over sized black sausage down her throat until his balls were nestling against her chin. Missy must have been able to taste the lipstick of Flash' girlfriend while her tongue coated his big, black cock. Missy's dripping wet pussy as barely able to handle the hefty black meat sliding in and out as she screamed from the top of her lungs. Missy Maze's first scene showcases her ability to go with the flow and get reamed with big, black cock. The beautiful set of tits on Missy shook all over the place while her birth canal was completely bombarded. That white fuck box got shown absolutely no mercy as her first interracial fucking made her pussy useless to white boys. The mayhem only stopped when Flash Brown launched a torpedo of black gravy right inside Missy's exhausted white hole. It wouldn't be a shock to see a shotgun wedding as a result of this interracial sex. Hell, Missy Maze has just done her first scene ever so she might as well tie the knot with a black baby in her womb.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member etter**** Said:
"TheEnd" is like a flop from an old LBM(low budget-movie).

Member camar**** Said:
she cant stop cumming best scene!

Member HORNY**** Said:
ja wundervoll

Member thoma**** Said:
mach sie im gangbang fertig

Member morig**** Said:
love the creampie. Gang her.

Member Maxxx**** Said:
amazing, do a scene with her and shane plz :D

Member luv2w**** Said:
Flash Brown is so damn fine!!! I just came all over myself watching his sexy muscles flexing while he was fuckin that pussy - show his feet in the scene next time please I want to see all of him and less of her!!!!!

Member shaft**** Said:
I have never seen one of your models get fucked as well as this lady has. There is no doubt in my mind that she truly enjoyed every minute of the pounding she got. I've been a member on and off for a long time and seen many scenes. But this beats any of the others by far. I know your studs and models are just two people doing their job. But in this case their job satisfaction was obvious to all.

Member gimpg**** Said:
An absolutely gorgeous pussy only made more beautiful when filled with his goo....

Member damnd**** Said:
You really work for it Missy. Put some mekeup on or something though. WTF. Damn.

Member jonat**** Said:
Fellas...so many negative comments? This was an increible fuck scene. I have watched this scene a number of times and am strangely transfixed by these two sexual atheletes. Missy is sexy as hell! Yes. . . she does have skin and stretch mark problems. But that figure is perfect and that pussy is beautiful. Her responisveness . . . multiple orgasmic and the way her pussy grabbed onto Flashes big stick. That was some mutually gratifying fuckin there son... Flash you ain't Denzel but you never fail to bring the pain Bro! This is an easy 8+. Flash has got one of the top 3 dicks in the biz. Missy keep it up baby. ..none of these gents would turn that ass away!

Member nigga**** Said:
I don't know why I looove watching big black dick so much? I wish my dick was big and black, it would look so much better sliding in and out of her pussy that way! Maybe she should fuck a black guy, while I watch! Mmmm...maybe I can get a taste of it too!

Member k9may**** Said:
And you booked this girl for 2 more scenes? How about booking girls with talent, cause this one has none.

Member josh3**** Said:
this dude fuckin her up lol nice lookin pussy tho

Member balla**** Said:
I don't like the girl but i love how you directed the scene and how you move the camera...i can't believe you made her walk in the streets in a nighty without underwear

Member jake4**** Said:
lol, you gotta it brutha, better if the dude doesn't talk at all

Member blaqu**** Said:
Travi**** I agree my friend. even though I think Flash is a cool ass nigga. Get some Byron long and some others to fill in once in a while.

Member travi**** Said:
you should call this site "Flash, Jack and Shane on Blondes". Just sayin'...

Member wm_ni**** Said:
jake4**** well i will be jacking your phrase cuz i know many marble mouthed niggaz. I cant wait to say "shut yo marble mouthed as up" ...sound like you got 15 marbles in yo mouth

Member jake4**** Said:
wm-ni means when the brutha speaks he sounds all garbled and sometimes incoherent like he has a bunch of marbles in his mouth. Course my man wasn't hired for his acting ability.

Member alvie**** Said:
Yes, cum in her pussy, about time

Member qurux**** Said:
realy i don't know whate i say becouse this game is very danger. lol

Member wm_ni**** Said:
@jake4**** what the fuck does "marble mouthed" mean? sounds catchy and i would like to use that phrase... but i need to know what the fuck it means... what does "marble mouthed" mean?

Member jVFhn**** Said:
This bitch should be on Grandma Gets Laid. She looks like a dish rag... Old and Worn Out. Can't you find any young and perky girls anymore?

Member vet19**** Said:
She should learn how to suck that cock like she means it. She can take a good pounding though. Props to Flash for slammin her-you rock bro

Member k9may**** Said:
No skills at all.

Member jake4**** Said:
sexy girl, and ole marble mouthed Flash did his best fuckin ever. Good scene

Member moise**** Said:
wow it is great to watch the black guy getting cumm inside so exciting

Member jayto**** Said:
is she afraid to suck on it? and wassup with those stretch marks on her legs? a 4.

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