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Member Rating: 9.35 Nicki Blue - Date Added: Monday, 07/04/2011
The terrible economy can only mean that there's no shortage of potential hired help. Nicki Blue has just placed an ad in the paper with her tight ass in mind. Nicki's only looking for hung black men and the line of ready, willing and able black studs makes its way into her office, and later, her orifice. Nicki interviews each black meat slinger until she decides to see exactly how much they're packing. Nicki Blue's beautiful starfish gets jammed open by the first black applicant and we're well on our way to a scorching interracial anal bonanza. Nicki's ass gives the first guy's black cock a death grip until his nuts make mince meat of her milky, white face. The next brother comes in and gives Nicki's asshole no time to go back to its normal circumference. Nicki's an equal opportunity employer and her ass milks nearly half a dozen black cocks until she gets damn near torn in half. The only intermission her shit locker gets is when her mouth sucks her ass juice off each fleshy black meat thermometer poking her in the face. Five feet of black cock does their damage on Nicki and she better hope her company's H.M.O covers " collapsed rectums."

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Member timot**** Said:
Yes!!! The best!!! 10++

Member etter**** Said:
SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!This is the real thing b.o.b!!10+!!!

Member attic**** Said:
There's a deliciously lazy sluttiness about this chalk-white beauty. Sweet 'n' dirty anal. Fabulous!

Member bwcho**** Said:
luv this milky cockslut, puffy perfect pussy.

Member camar**** Said:

Member lscru**** Said:
Bring Nicki Blue back for more scenes! She's got bigger tits and red hair now!

Member whtwr**** Said:
I love this scene. She is so enthusiastic. Bring her back!!!!

Member genes**** Said:
she's so pretty...

Member drago**** Said:
oceans of tangy anal and some great oral with a sweetly dirty little blonde - loved the scene where she gets off her knees from sucking a huge black cock, and then climbs half-naked onto the desk and offers up her asshole

Member whtwr**** Said:
Great scene, great idea. Put her in collar and leash next time.

Member wesse**** Said:
PORN-PORN-PORN!!! This girla is pale and super SEXY!! And all that lovely anal!! This can make a white man jo fu..CRAZY!! 10 POINTS JUST MISSING BIGGER-ANAL-GAPES...G R E A T !!

Member nutit**** Said:
A great idea but a bit disappointing that an anal specialist like her couldn't take them any deeper. Her inexperience showed in every department. Pull a train like this on a more experienced girl please

Member loveh**** Said:
I am a white bi male. I would come take every black cock you have, on film, for FREE

Member stant**** Said:
mandingo movies

Member zippl**** Said:
OMG I think Nicki is my new favorite. I thought the one guy after another was a nice change... Great scene!

Member wabob**** Said:
A good rough fucking scene would be awesome, ripping clothes off definatly, man handling the bitches etc.. not sure what the other poster is on about small dicks for maybe he only watched the start of the scene...the 2nd dude is huge an rico is packing some serious length. great scene nicki is a tru bcs. i agree about jaelyn fox tho she is the current black cock queen an deserves her own site.

Member bills**** Said:

Member Vecto**** Said:
Would like to see more women in sandals throughout the film, and watching her toes curl while she gets penetrated deep with the black cock(s) - please.

Member black**** Said:
I want jaelyn fox back too... this was an ok Scene... would be better if it was just a gangbang

Member jeter**** Said:
Great Job this clip rocks straight to her ass no boring pussy fucking.

Member felbo**** Said:
it doesnt matter how big there cock is as long as they totally fuck up these white whores thats all they they need black cock cause no white guy is going to want them anyway no matter how beautiful they are that only goes so far i think you should use him more now and he should get rough we need rough kind of like rape sense only they need to get there parents tyed up to watch change the face of dogfart its the same old crap blacks dominate start showing it with dirty talk riping clothes off and getting blasted by these black dudes dont be afraid these white bitched fucked up there lives by being in this bus to start with im still waiting for more scense like jaelyn fox she is the only girl that can role with the black guys and make it look as real as real life more jaelyn fox god she is good do a rape scene with her pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze

Member BUDDY**** Said:

Member irfil**** Said:
More like this please, even a non stop gangbang!

Member loul8**** Said:
wasted talent. scene is too mecanical and lacks some desire and passion for bbc. she was great in the glory whole scene. 100 times hotter than this. it seems like you are losing your creative edge or are just too lazy to produce a real hot scene with some bbc worship

Member poiss**** Said:
I think this was filmed before she gave up her Vaginal Virginity live on a website and she only did anal. Bring her back with Flash or Mandingo pounding the pussy b/c she is PERFECT

Member mandy**** Said:
fucking hot film

Member bills**** Said:
This black cock is to damn small, we want giant, monster black cocks with hot young blondes not small cock guys. only use shane diesel, jack, mandingo or flash please.

Member 88cap**** Said:
Nice, when does she get 'd?

Member berti**** Said:
what about some conventional sex with this model?

Member matt8**** Said:
This episode sucks, I cant beleive that she barley gets it in the old hatchet mark. The best part was when she wiggles her toes and screams at the top of her lungs "OH FUCK GOD" lmfao.

Member BUDDY**** Said:

Member lkuwq**** Said:
I dont get it. Great potential squandered with the one-on-one. P.S. How about a Bethany Sweet DP?

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