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Member Rating: 9.05 Rilynn Rae - Date Added: Monday, 09/17/2012
The debate of one on ones vs. gangbangs is the new Lebron vs Kobe. Rilynn Rae and Charlie Mac are discussing the aforementioned dilemmas that face interracial porn. Charlie's as cool as a cucumber as he tells Rilynn that he, and only he, will have access to her sweet honeypot. Rilynn Rae has no idea that his crew of friends will be around to donate their jizz, and hopefully everyone goes home a happy camper. Rilynn Rae begins by sucking on Charlie's foot long black cock and Rilynn still has no idea that three black cocks are in the vicinity. Charlie continues to stab where her tonsils used to be and her white pussy is next on the menu. Much like a missile penetrating a tube of tennis balls, Rilynn's white pussy gets an over load of black cock and her screams are only being heard by her, Charlie and the crew. Speaking of the crew, each one of them donates to the cause by donating some of their ball snot while Rilynn's pussy is given no immunity. The sight of this white girl getting slammed was all they needed to pop on her one more time before Charlie finished her off with his own brand of Mississiippi mucous.

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Here's what the members are saying

NULL Member jackb**** Said:
I fell in love with Rilynn watching this scene

NULL Member tman3**** Said:
Now if you guys could only convince her to pull an anal BBC train. That would be choice.

NULL Member ironm**** Said:
I knew you would screw it up - in comes Charlie - seriously I have a dick his size - WTF!

NULL Member hoboh**** Said:
Rilynn scenes never fail to disappoint, bring her back as often as you like!

NULL Member evilb**** Said:
Perfect scene! very natural and sexy girl fucked and cummed on like a whore! More!!!

NULL Member miivo**** Said:
Bring this girl back for more. Have her talk about her tight white pussy.

NULL Member lwayn**** Said:
Need a gangbang scene por favor

NULL Member twank**** Said:
more rilynn please interracial blowbang would be great

NULL Member banks**** Said:
Rilynn is your hot college slut type chick. Gets gangbanged at frat parties and give BJ to guys in the bathrooms. Hot as shit...Eventhough half hard CMac still put in work.

NULL Member chast**** Said:
Please have her do a cuckoldsessions scene

NULL Member siobh**** Said:
Beautiful body, beautiful face.

NULL Member IronM**** Said:
She is a most beautiful woman with great attitude and personality, a perfect white woman to serve the needs of black men

NULL Member ccstp**** Said:
She is so hot, but like she says the more the better. Would love to see her do a scene with Blowbang next!!

NULL Member AirBa**** Said:
She is hot But i would like to see her, taking a creampie!!

NULL Member gawnd**** Said:
this bitch is fucking hot

NULL Member knitz**** Said:
there are some pics missing in the photo section where she is lying barefoot on the couch. please dogfart add those pics :-)

NULL Member zzdoo**** Said:
What, no condom play? That shit with Lex and this girl was hot!

NULL Member msaru**** Said:
Why do the guys have to be so unattractive? Not saying that all of them have to be buff, but women look at this site and we want to see attractive men with nice physiques and nice skin.

NULL Member decod**** Said:
Like a previous poster said, more one on ones please. Not so many gangbangs. Start a new site if you want to focus on those.

NULL Member white**** Said:
dis whiteboi got a crush on charlie mac what a thug nigga would love to suck his black cock n lick his nuts while my bimbo watched. Use black men wit dark uncut horse hung dicks, find more male talent young n thug or older like 65 with silver pubic hair to fuck 18 yr old blondes

NULL Member vrowl**** Said:
Hot Scene. Beautiful girl!

NULL Member subhu**** Said:
why no nigga dick in thay ass

NULL Member banks**** Said:
FINALLY, a young hot chick and real fucking with a guy that actually looked like he enjoyed it. Great scene

NULL Member drizz**** Said:
Y'all are crazy. She did her thing despite Charlie half hard....Shes hot as hell!

NULL Member etter**** Said: to move on to some real hardcore folks !

NULL Member etter**** Said:
"..SATIESFY THE VIEWERS.." No hell she does!!! This isnt porn for "the 21.century"!!!..shes even white!!Total score 1.

NULL Member coind**** Said:
cant he get his dick hard? she's hot as fuck...they should of just made this a gang bang flick instead

NULL Member bigta**** Said:
She was bad did not earn her pay,what ever it is.

NULL Member hoboh**** Said:
Rilynn is stunning, hope to see her on here often!

NULL Member mrfis**** Said:
I don't care how many dicks they fuck her with, if it ain't in the ass it's just a wasted opportunity.

NULL Member jVFhn**** Said:
Since my vote does not seem to count, I just want everyone to know that this Obama-fucking whore gets a 2 from me. I hate her fucking voice. Why can't you fucking people just fuck and leave the acting to those that can do it?

NULL Member jVFhn**** Said:
You fuck that Obama, bitch!

NULL Member rioma**** Said:
Love this chick. lose the guy

NULL Member bwcho**** Said:
when will milky red-head MARIE MCCRAY make her debut on this site???????????

NULL Member BUDDY**** Said:

NULL Member casey**** Said:
Hot chick and the guy can't keep his dick hard?

NULL Member decod**** Said:
I waited for what seemed forever for this scene and it was with neverhard charlie mac? That was disappointing. Rilynn was hot as usual, too bad.

NULL Member iquag**** Said:
Thanks for a good one on one! I love those much better + creampies and kissing!

NULL Member gtv14**** Said:
Charlie is an OK dude but this shoot was so bad - shit, my dick is nearly as big as his - seriously - and they call me little dick.

NULL Member bogar**** Said:
top notch whore.

NULL Member mannn**** Said:

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