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Member Rating: 8.80 Tristyn Kennedy - Date Added: Monday, 12/20/2010
Tristyn Kennedy's going above and beyond to sell her cookies for a worthy cause. Tristyn's already met her quota in the good part of town ,but now she's in the "hood" and Flash Brown is willing to help her out. Flash is less interested in the goodies she brought and would rather see the poontang pie between her legs. The flirtation coming from both parties ends when Tristyn attempts to get her merit badge in black cocksucking. Once naive and ignorant to interracial sex, Tristyn slowly morphs into the interracial pornstar before our very eyes. The black baby elephant's trunk coming from Flash' pants stuff her mouth until her jaw nearly snaps from the absolute carnage it's going through. The stretch of highway,that is Flash's black cock, has its target set on Tristyn's tight pussy. That ginormous big black cock parks itself into the space between her thighs while ruining her for future white guys. Tristyn rides that bucking bronco of a cock as her piehole expands to 10 times its normal circumference. The risk of getting thrown out of the Scouts isn't even on her mind simply because this chance encounter of interracial sex outweighs everything else. Speaking of weighing- the massive meat that's been slamming Tristyn's sacred areas only saw daylight when it exploded on her face and one of the treats she brought over.

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Here's what the members are saying

NULL Member slumd**** Said:
get rid of the hat

NULL Member feire**** Said:
Thank God this cute girl was not wasted for the gangbang-shit and had a one on one scene. But in the end she should have some black seed in her pussy.

NULL Member luv2w**** Said:
I want to see his feet in the scenes!!!

NULL Member noppe**** Said:

NULL Member bobo4**** Said:
beautiful cock and it looks so good in her mouth im cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NULL Member snaus**** Said:

NULL Member jackt**** Said:
Here, Tristyn needed a bed to work in, she is a very strong and energetic girl. The couch confined both her and Flash, and it took away from both. They looked cramped. Too bad too, as they both would have rocked it out. Give the "younger" girls room to work it, the scenes will be much hotter.

NULL Member jackt**** Said:
Again, nice one on one, but why the shoes on. And why put her in the ghetto for?

NULL Member terro**** Said:
not cum in mouth...cum all in pussy!!!

NULL Member hende**** Said:
very good more girls like this but no cakes cum in mouth scenes

NULL Member billb**** Said:
oh yes please...please cucksessions with a hubby would be a real cookacoo

NULL Member benny**** Said:
please tristyn in cucksessions

NULL Member wm_el**** Said:
Cute girl... but It would be nice if the scenes were based on some kind of story.

NULL Member reald**** Said:
Keep the one on ones coming enough with this gangbang shit there's InterracialBlowbang for that! There should be no more than one dick but pussy is limitless

NULL Member jayto**** Said:
i prefer to watch women who actually have tits... but banging body otherwise.

NULL Member Huffc**** Said:
@WHILE---excuse me sir, but the facial ending will NEVER be out of date....

NULL Member justs**** Said:
storyline Just all seems much too fake, would be good if you guys make the story lines a little more believable. But oh well i suppose thats porn these days.

NULL Member vorra**** Said:
Enough with the stupid fucking hat!

NULL Member WHILE**** Said:
Good match up and action - think the facial endings are out of date and pussy creams are the happening.

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