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About and Dogfart

The BlacksOnBlondes Story

You know about our content. You know what a BlacksOnBlondes members has to offer... now here are the little details that everyone is curious about.

Back in 1996, the early days of "adult websites"... interracial hardcore was rare. Purchasing a physical VHS or DVD was the only way to watch any interracial hardcore porn. If you grew up with the internet, you'll remember internet newsgroups. That's where most porn existed. There were a few interracial channels there, but still nothing close to what we have today in terms of free content (thanks tubes). We began creating content and posting it on the newsgroups under the name Dogfart. People really got into it. The name Dogfart was easy for people to remember and as our popularity grew, the name made us easy to find. No one forgets Dogfart.

Time went on and we were building a massive fan base. We wanted to be able to produce big budget adult movies on huge sets with top IR models. We started producing full feature interracial porn movies shortly ever. We acquired a secret mansion at the top of the hills in California. Every top porn girl was invited to come out and shoot for us. Even ones we didn't invite would show up just to see if the rumors were true... Guys like Wesley Pipes, Tony Eveready and Byron Long started showing up to star alongside these models. It would be impossible to try and recreate that experience again. It was totally insane! We finally had what we wanted, exclusive top quality interracial porn.

It was time to get this out to the masses. That meant e-commerce. Epoch Payment Processing (called Paycom at the time) was just starting out. They were one of the few processing companies that would allow "adult" pay sites. We contacted them and they had heard the rumors too, someone was making IR porn in a crazy mansion up in the hills. We showed them what we had been doing and they loved it. We were approved to use their billing gateway and was of the first sites to use Epoch as a payment processor. We've been using them ever since. Shortly after we contacted CCBill and our second processor was to our billing matrix.

We poured a lot of effort into a "members area" for our content. HTML was a big deal and we coded until our fingers bled. When it was done, we had an area with text links, pictures, videos, and a message board. At the time, it was the greatest thing we had build on the web. We opened the doors and floods of IR fans were coming in. People loved our content. And there were the people that hated our content... the ones that hated it were signing up and downloading it as much as everyone else. The thought of a black guy with the hottest white women infuriated them, but they all watched. Everyone watched, everyone downloaded and everyone was talking about BlacksOnBlondes and Dogfart.

Shortly after, we started shooting content for a new site called Way back when, people had no idea what a Gloryhole was. Even the performers thought we were crazy when they came on set. "You want me to stick my dick through a hole in the wall"? A few dozen scenes later and we opened the door to our second interracial site called As soon as people found it they weren't sure what to make of it. "IS THIS REAL? Where can I find a Gloryhole near me?" Needless to say, they loved the content and the idea.

We continued to make more and more sites concentrating on one overall theme: Interracial. Sure, each site had a sub-niche, but it had to be interracial. Foot fetish? Interracial Teens? Domination and Cuckolds? and the list goes on and on. We have 23 sites now and we've been producing interracial content for 23 years now. In the early days, you had to buy a separate membership for each site. So with 23 sites, and $30 a month... it would cost nearly 689.77 per month to access all our content. Now, we are offering access to all 23 for as low as $0.99 a month! Highest Rated Movies

Here's a handful of our higest rated interracial porn moves based on the votes cast by our current members. When you join our interracial network, you can vote on them all!