Jenna Marie from

Starring: Jenna Marie, Rico Strong, Isiah Maxwell, Eddie Jaye, Donny Sins, Ricky Johnson

Tags:  Creampie, GangBang, Big Tits, Blonde, Tattoos, Hairy, Big Booty 

Movie description:

It's a slow day at the bar, and the talk turns to relationships. Everyone's been in a crazy relationship, but after the fellahs hear about the bar tender's relationship, they can't believe their ears. It turns out Jenna Marie -- who's been tending bar at the joint -- is in a cuckold relationship. It turns out Jenna's Hubby loves it when a "Black Bull" uses his wife for sexual pleasure. But it doesn't end there. Hubby loves the idea of Jenna's cunt being filled with the Bull's cum, even though she isn't on birth control! Better yet? Fill her up while she's ovulating! After The Bulls at the bar hear this, what are they supposed to do but fulfill Hubby's wishes? Jenna is a Size Queen, too, which is great, because every one of The Bulls are seriously packing!! And get this -- after they have their way with Jenna, they all fill her cunt with their hot, thick loads...except one of the Bulls, who gets so turned on he can't control himself and splatters his jizz all over Jenna's beautiful titties!!

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Jenna Marie

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    Definitely need more impregnation multiple creampie scenes on here like this they are always awesome!!!

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    Love seeing her suck and fuck all the black studs with her wedding ring still on!

  • Member Avatar


    Great job Could we get Brooke Wylde to do a scene similar she is a hottie

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    finally a proper multiple big black cock creampie gangbang video!

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    lets see the next installment, the bulls follow her home, as her husband is licking the cream pie, they come in the house and spank her until she agrees to gangbang anal creampie for her hubby to clean up more

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    Best Scene Ever. Need more multiple creampies.

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    I agree, This has to be the best scene ever. It was so hot when the cum kept oozing out through her panties.

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    Hope you can do a similar scene for cuckoldsessions?

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    Amazing! Jenna Marie is the hottest interracial porn star... She just can't get enough! Bonus points for her going barefoot, she knows that is such a massive turn on to so many of us. Bring her back! more

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    bar gangbangs are always the best

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    One of the best scenes. I love seeing her used as a black cum receptacle. She natural too, none of this fake boob stuff. Good work!

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    I want to see tana lea next!

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    She's great, but this scene lacked something. Why keep doing the same old bar scene? It gets boring. I'd like to see something along the lines of the following: wife & husband go back to school shopping and go to an urban clothing store that only takes CASH. The husband leaves his wife to run to the bank while she shops. The bulls start chatting her up, but she brushes them off, then one accuses her of white privilege and being a racist. She gets angered and says she is no racist. Then they tell her to prove it or they'll announce over the loud speaker that she's a racist, being the only white person in the store she quickly quiets them down and offers a hand job, the hand job quickly turns to a bj, she contests that they only agreed on a handjob, but ends up getting reminded that it'll be announced. Before you know it she's loving it. They are in the dressing room and in comes another employee who threatens to tell if he doesn't get some too, before you know it she's taking multiple dicks and eventually gets her pussy pounded and creamed. In walks the husband as she's pulling up her cum soaked panties. Looks like he just paid twice for Jr's new clothes! more

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    Wow awesome great scene cuckold sessions need to run a creampie panties scene

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    This is a great multiple gangbang creampie but note to self: Do not eat at this bar for I didn't see anyone wiping off the table to get rid of any excess spermatoza...

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    I'm so glad you guys found Jenna and bought her to this site. She was such a denial tease as she was only interest in men with bbc! Please bring her in for ir blowbang. Her cute face deserves to be covered in black seed! I'm also curious to find her social media now that she is back. Anyone know? more

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    please do some more scenes with multiple creampies!!!!

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    There's a lot of good stuff here, apart from Rico, who I always find doesn't look the part. Jenna Marie has an air of vulnerability about her, but I always prefer to see girls in a short, tight frock, which is so much more feminine than denim. I like the cum leaking through her panties at the close, but it would have been even better to have her splattered all over her torso, then have it soaking through a thin tight frock. more

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    Holy shit that's a lot of cum in that pussy!

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    I like this scene a lot. Ok somebody help me out: Did this chic retire, because she has no social media at all that I can find

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    OK so.... this scene is FUCKING AMAZING!!! Not only do you have multiple cream pies, not only do you have an awesome bbc gangbang with some of the best alpha black king studs in the business, not only do you have Jenna's hot, gorgeous curves quivering with delight, stunningly barefoot as well (THANK YOU!) but this girl mocks her husband's tiny, white cock MULTIPLE TIMES and the studs join in on mocking him too! This is one of a true cuckold's fantasies and I'm so thankful that those elements are making their way into more of the scenes on more the the network's sites, most notably adding in more small, white penis humiliation recently (THANK YOU!). The fucking itself was awesome too and the way they manhandle Jenna's, as Rico perfectly put it, creamy, white body was fucking stellar and sooooo very welcome to see. This is not only a 10 but favorited and going in my "special folder" XD. Me and my small, white pecker have more time to spend with this incredible scene! Thank you so very much for this one, DF and co. I sincerely hope we see more of this in the future! more

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    more multiple creampie scenes please

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    Love the multiple cream pies. That was different, and very hot.


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