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Starring: Amara Romani, Isiah Maxwell

Tags:  Anal, POV, 1 on 1, Brunette, Petite, Swallow, No Tattoos, Hairy, ATM 

Movie description:

Your girl's about to cheat on you with a black guy. No joke. Here's how it's gonna go down: while you're out running errands and doing stuff, your girl's gonna have her Bull swing by for a full-blown fuck session. When he's down with round #1, The Bull is gonna grab his new videocamera. See, he wants to save his fuck sessions with your girl in some place other than his memories. He's going to document them. Just as your girl is getting dressed, The Bull is coming back into her room with camera running. Your girl, reluctant at first cause she knows you're on your way home, starts losing her mind with all that BBC stuffed in her mouth. Even when you call her to say you're almost there! She'll send you on an errand to buy more time, which means The Bull will fuck her cunt and ripe asshole before dumping his large, thick load down her throat. After he's done and on his way out, The Bull captures the most shocking part of the sex're about to be blown away, but next time you come home and she's "moody", this might be the real reason why.

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Amara Romani

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Member Comments:

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    Now THATS how a girl should take it up the ass!

  • Member Avatar


    Do a pov scene where two girls pickup a guy

  • Member Avatar


    Not a fan of hyperbole but that is one of the perfect pussies I've ever seen!

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    great scene, this girl is a off the charts. She has a very sexy pussy.

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    Waste of film. This could have been so much better without all of the bullshit side antics. Pro tip: Just stick to fucking.

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    these two are some of your best talent. i'm not really a pov fan, but i know there's many that are.

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    Continuer de la baiser comme une chienne.

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    Wanna see lot more of her

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    This bitch's pussy lips are incredible. Love to see Mandingo fuck her in the ass.

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    Wow. Amara is so sexy. Love that beautiful pussy. For that matter Amara's whole body is very sexy. Would love to see her take on Mandingo. Then a with Mandingo, Lex Steele and the other biggest black cocks in a full on love fest with Amara.To see Amara swallow every load of cum without loosing a drop would be Epic. Can you make it happen. more

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    The #Romaniempire is strong. Excellent work from here.

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    THE most CLASSIC non-sex moment in interracial porn history: "Have yo man bring me some Grape Soda, Funyans & Hot Cheetos" Then hearing the sexy-@$$ white girl repeat the order???? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA Isiah is the SHIT for that crazy shit. Yes, we do love us some Funyans & grape soda. Great job, DF! more

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    Rough anal dp gangbang ending with facials next time...but good start

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    OMG, she is stunning, is she not? Such a plump, suckable, pretty pink pussy. Tell me you would'nt go down on her for an hour straight. She is SO lucky to get Isiah to ravage her in this scene! Don't you LOVE how she repeatedly deep-throats his amazing Big Black Cock and swallows his sweet cum? Some girls have ALL the luck! more

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    Comrade Citizen Davez****, We're having an AWESOME time in 2016! Wish you were here. The Dogfart publishers of Blacks on Boyz will undoubtedly stunned to find out their network is a haven solely for small-minded homophobes like you. ISIS much? Nobody FORCES you to read comments. If you don't like them, Einstein, don't read them!! more

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    God god ! What a hotty

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    oooooooh thank you so much for bringing Amara on one of my favorite new female porn stars

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    Dogfart - can you please get rid of the repetitive comments on here that comment on the black guy's penis and the fantasies this guy has about them? This is not a gay site - non-hetero comments should be deleted. more

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    Love this girl. Looking forward to seeing much more of her.

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    I really like Isiah ... He knows how to fuck ... Love his cock . The fat vein on it . His cum seems pretty tasty !

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    amazing, plz put her in some nice heels and summer dress and have a scene with a gang of BBCs picking her up from the back alleys.

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    After watching the BTS, I'd say she is the kinkiest girl you have ever shot. You should come up with something creative for her (other than the awesome looking 14 man gangbang of course). So, if you guys have any super kinky or sirty scenes in mind- experiment them on her. Shane Diesel is an older man who likes ass play so they sound like a good match more


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